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Master The Art Of Baby Face Make-up Today With These Tips!

Do you like wearing make-up? If you do, you might already own a make-up kit that consists of various products including an eyeshadow palette, a liner, mascara, primer, foundation, blush, colour corrector, and even concealer.

But make-up is not just about owning different beauty products, it is about knowing how to use them correctly. This article takes us through various steps of wearing baby face make-up like a pro!

Use A Concealer

Before you begin with any make-up, it is very essential for a person to use a moisturizer. A moisturizer is something which nourishes your skin and ensures that it is safe from any chemicals or other factors affecting it. You can use a hydrating moisturizer for your face. Once done, use a concealer to hide any blemishes, puffiness under the cheek area, dark spots or dark circles. One thing to remember while applying concealer is that you must not apply it to the entire face. Use it only where it is necessary, else your face might end up looking cakey. For baby face make-up, you can use a lightweight hydrating concealer.

Foundation Is A Must

Once you are done with the concealer, move on to the foundation part. Apply a weightless matte finish foundation. For that, take some amount of foundation and apply it evenly on your face. To avoid a cakey look, ensure that you blend the foundation properly and apply it on the areas of your face where you need it the most. One important point to note here is that while applying the foundation, one should blend it with their fingers and mix it with some BB cream to get that soft, dewy look.

Seal It With Powder

After applying the foundation, seal it with a loose setting powder. Applying a powder not only helps to give your face a matte look, but it also helps to keep your make-up in place. To get the best baby face look, apply the powder along the jawline and at the edge of your forehead.

Highlight Your Cheekbones

Next step is to put some focus on your cheekbones. Babies, generally, have pinkish cheeks. Therefore, to get baby face make-up, you need to give a tint of pink to your cheekbones while highlighting them. Use a pink blush, dot it on your cheekbones, and blend it using your fingers in straight strokes right from the centre towards your ear. Once done, move on to your brows.

Do Your Eyebrows

Since you are doing baby face make-up, ensure that your eyebrows are not bushy or unkempt. Therefore, here's a trick you can actually use. If you have thin brows, use mascara on your brows to make them fluffy. If you don't, skip this part. Then, take a brow pencil of the same colour and draw around the border of your brows to make it appear thick. If you already have thick brows, skip this part and just neatly use an eyebrow comb to get them in proper shape.

Apply Mesmerizing Eyeshadow

Since this is baby face make-up tutorial and babies do not use eyeshadow, you must keep it to a minimum. Just to give your eyelids an uplift, you must use a natural coloured eyeshadow that best suits your skin colour. For the under eyes, make tiny dots using brown coloured eyeshadow on the outer edge of your eye and blend it properly.

Do Not Forget Your Lips

Lastly, ensure that you use a baby pink coloured lip balm or a lip gloss to highlight your lips and thus complete your baby face make-up.

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