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Hide A Pimple Easily With These Amazing Makeup Hacks

By Riddhi Roy

Imagine getting a pimple right before you have an important event to attend, like a wedding or a function, or even a party. Isn't that the worst? But we all have been through that.

Sometimes, it feels like these pimples can smell our fear and decide to strike at the worst possible time and when we definitely don't want to deal with them. Well, it would be nice if we never had to deal with them, but then again, that is wishful thinking.

Now, it is not possible to do any kind of a treatment when these pimples strike very suddenly. At such times, all you can really do is, cover it up with makeup.

Pimples are not only unattractive to look at, but can be quite painful too. If your pimples bother you too much, you should visit your dermatologist and find out more. Often, pimples are the underlying cause of a serious disease like PCOD or thyroid issues. A doctor would be able to prescribe you with the needed medication.

Also, always remember that you are beautiful no matter what, and that the pimple might only be noticed by you and not by others. Without further ado, here are the steps to hide a pimple using makeup.

1. Base:

Start with a clean, moisturised face. Use a lightweight moisturiser that is easily absorbed by the skin. Wait a few minutes for your skin to soak up the moisturiser. Then, apply a primer to smooth out your skin. A primer also helps fill in the pores and hide the bumpiness caused by a pimple, so that any product you use next goes on smoothly.

2. For A New Pimple:

New pimples are usually very painful and bumpy. They are mostly red or pink in colour. For this, you will need a mint green colour corrector. A colour corrector counteracts any colour on your skin that is not the same as the rest of your skin. Lightly apply the colour corrector on that area and blend it in with a brush.

3. For An Old Pimple:

Old pimples that are on their way to fading are slightly brown and purple in colour. For these kinds, a peach or orange toned colour corrector is what you need. Peach counteracts tones of purple and brown. Apply the colour corrector and then blend it in.

4. Conceal:

The next step is to use a high coverage concealer. Most people think that a concealer is enough to be hiding flaws with, and then they are surprised when it fails to do so, and they label the concealer as not good enough.

Any concealer will work to hide on minor flaws. For major marks like pimples, you definitely need a colour corrector.

Apply the concealer to the area and dab on it till it is blended well. You can use any type of concealer here, but we find a cream concealer to be best suited for hiding pimples. Liquid concealers are much more suited to be used in the under-eye area, as they are so hydrating.

Cream concealers have a cream to powder consistency, which happens to be perfect for pimples. This will make the area look matte and make it look like the bump did not even ever exist.

5. Foundation:

Now, after all these steps, comes the foundation. Apply your foundation all over your face like you usually would. Blend it all in with a blending sponge to ensure the most natural-looking finish. All of these steps together should hide your pimple completely.

6. Setting Powder:

Next, set the area of the pimple using a loose translucent powder. Make sure that this powder is translucent and has no extra colour pigments in it, so you have already applied enough colour on the area, and any more colour might just end up ruining all the work that you've done all this while.

Since you have applied so much makeup on that area, it has a tendency to melt off. To increase the longevity of the makeup, apply setting powder to the area. This will not only make the makeup last longer, it will also mattify the area and make it look much more natural.

7. Setting Spray:

To make all the powders and creams on your face melt into your skin, use a setting spray. This will make your makeup look a lot more like your own skin and a lot less like you have a case of cake face going on. This will also make sure that your makeup lasts longer than usual and remove that powdery look that sometimes makes us look like a ghost. This step is a key when it comes to making your face look like it is pimple free.

Story first published: Friday, April 20, 2018, 16:29 [IST]
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