Amazing Makeup Tips For Different Lip Shapes

By Mamta Khati

Makeup is incomplete without the right kind of lip makeup. Lip makeup makes your face look bright and it can transform your look in an instant. The right kind of lip makeup is a must, in order to make your face look more attractive.

As we all know, we all have different lip shapes and not every colour will suit every kind of a lip shape. So, we need to be aware of what kind of a lip colour will look good on what kind of a lip shape.

makeup tips for different lip shapes

Women with fuller lips will require a different kind of lip makeup as compared to women with thin lips. Makeup has the power to accentuate any kind of lips and with the right kind of application, any kind of lips will look good.

Lip makeup requires a lot of practice, so if you want to know what kind of lip shape you have and what lip colour will suit your lips, keep reading, as we have many makeup tricks and tips just for you. Here we go:


1. Top Heavy Lips:

In this case, the top part of the lip is full and voluptuous than the bottom lip. With proper makeup tips and tricks, you can make your lips look even more beautiful.


  • Line your lips from the centre of your lips to the outside. Follow your natural lip shape.
  • Now, apply a bright lipstick on the top part of your lips and a slightly darker shade of the same colour on the bottom part of your lip. This helps to create an illusion of even-sized lips.
  • You can use the same lip colour on your lower lips and then apply a small amount of white pencil to the centre to attain balance.
  • Another simple trick to make fuller lips smaller is by using a dark-toned lipstick, as it will reduce the appearance of fuller lips.

2. Bottom Heavy Lips:

Bottom heavy lips are the opposite of top heavy lips, where the bottom part is heavy and fuller. This, in turn, creates a pouty effect, which is obviously an attractive feature. But some women wouldn't want to emphasis on it much, so here is a simple trick on how to make both your lips look even. Here is how you can do it.

The easiest way is to use the same lip colour on the lower and the upper lips, and then dab a small amount of creamy nude matte eyeshadow or apply white pencil on the centre of your upper lip. This will create an illusion of even lips.


3. Uneven Lips:

Uneven lips are asymmetrical and do not have a consistent shape. But you can always manage uneven lips with these simple tricks.

Here's how you can manage them:

  • Outline your upper lip with a lip pencil and make sure that both sides of your upper lip match up and then follow the same for the lower lip.
  • Now, with a light hand, smudge the lip liner to eliminate any rough edges.
  • Be very careful while drawing the lip liner because if it's not applied properly, then your makeup will not look good. Make sure you draw your liner with a light hand and then blend it carefully.

4. Flat Lips:

  • These kinds of lips have no depth or dimension and appear flat without any distinguishing outline. The best colour choice for flat lips would be light and soft colours, as dark colours will make your lips appear smaller and flat.
  • You can give a good shape to your flat lips with these simple tricks:
  • Outline your lips slightly outside your natural lip line.
  • Frosty and shimmery lip shade will do wonders for flat lips, as this will give a fuller effect to your lips.
  • Ombre lip effect also works well on flat lips, as it will create an illusion of fuller lips.
  • For ombre effect, start filling the outer corner of your lips with a dark lip colour and then fill the centre of your lips with a soft colour to create an awesome ombre lip effect.
  • After that, add a shimmery highlighter to the centre of your lips to create the appearance of a plump lip.

5. Thin Lips:

Thin lips need more space and dimension. So, we have just the right makeup tips to make your lips look gorgeous.

  • Apply a lip liner slightly outside your natural lip line and then smudge it softly.
  • Now, apply a dark lip colour on your lower lip and a light lip colour on your upper lip and blend everything together with a clean makeup brush.

6. Overlarge Lips:

As the name suggest, overlarge lips can sometimes make you look bad if you do not apply the right lip shade. Overlarge lips have the ability to dominate your face. Always make sure to stick to softer lip colours with a rich matte consistency, so that your lips appear soft and even.

Here are a few tricks to sway away the attention from overlarge lips:

  • Go for nude lip shades.
  • Focus your makeup more on the eyes and on the cheek region, so that you draw more attention on your eyes and cheeks rather than on your lips.

7. Small Lips:

Women with small lips look cute but some of them want to have that pout. So, for those who wish to plump their lips, just follow these simple steps:

  • Small lips look good with all kinds of lip formula, like shimmery, frosty, and glossy. This will make your lips look fuller.
  • Avoid using dark lip colour, as this will make your lips look narrow and small.
  • Go for brighter and softer lip colours, as this will eventuate and make your lips look full.
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    Story first published: Sunday, February 25, 2018, 11:00 [IST]
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