Your True Guide To Colour Correcting Like A Pro!

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What do we do when we have blemishes and under-eye circles? Common knowledge and lots of information on the Internet tells us to use a concealer. But have you ever wondered why a mere concealer never seems to cover all of your flaws? Enter colour correctors!

It is pretty disappointing when you buy a concealer and hope that it would hide all of your flaws, and it doesn't really show any results. Don't blame the concealer! All you need is to know which colour correctors would work best for you.

Here, we will tell you how you can get a literally flawless complexion using colour correctors. Remember to conceal after using the colour correctors. The kind of colour correctors you use also depends on the undertones of your skin.

So, here is your colour correcting guide. Do take a look.


1. Orange:

This is the most important colour corrector for Indian ladies. This cancels out dark circles in dusky-to-dark skin tones. So, if you have dusky skin, you would need an orange colour corrector.


2. Purple:

Purple is great for cancelling out sallow or yellow undertones, so if you wish to make your skin look pinker, go for a purple corrector. This is also good if you accidentally buy a foundation with yellow undertones and you actually have pink undertones.


3. Yellow:

This is good for hiding purple marks on the skin. This can work for people who have purple dark circles, and for people who have purple marks left behind after pimples.


4. Pink:

Pink colour correctors help brighten dull skin. This only brightens fair-to-medium skin tones.


5. Green:

Green colour correctors are meant for negating redness on the skin, so if you suffer from rosacea or have red inflammations on the skin like pimples and acne, you need a green colour corrector.


6. Peach:

A peach colour corrector helps cancel out dark circles in people with light-to-medium skin tones.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 16, 2017, 12:07 [IST]
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