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    Why You Should Add A Face Toner To Your Beauty Routine?

    By Somya Ojha

    The latest skin care product to go viral in the beauty community is a facial toner. Its trend has been blowing up for the past few years and finally the skin care experts all over the world have declared it to be a must-use skin care item.

    A facial toner is used right after cleansing and prior to moisturizing. This beauty item gets easily absorbed into the skin's surface and that is why it is used prior to applying a moisturizer.

    Why Should You Use A Face Toner?

    Because of its numerous benefits, toning is cited to be an essential skin care step that you should not miss out on. Moreover, there are various types of facial toners that are available in the beauty stores. Some of them are formulated as per the skin types, while others are made to target specific skin concerns.

    Need more convincing? Here are the top benefits of incorporating a face toner in your daily skin care routine.


    Tightens Your Skin Pores

    The very first thing that facial toners can do for your skin is tightening of the pores. Large pores can spoil your skin's appearance and also cause unsightly breakouts. Using a face toner can treat this skin condition and prevent it from recurring.


    Stabilizes The pH Balance Of Your Skin

    Low or high level of pH in your skin can make it vulnerable to infections and acne breakouts. In order to maintain an apt pH balance in your skin, it is incredibly important to apply a facial toner. Using this beauty item will ensure that an optimal level of pH is maintained in your skin.


    Locks The Moisture Into Your Skin

    A face toner acts as a humectant by locking moisture into your skin. Loss of moisture can have an adverse effect on your skin's health as well as its texture.

    This can further lead to premature signs of ageing and dullness. Treat your skin with a face toner on a regular basis to make sure that your skin stays well moisturized and healthy at all times.


    Helps Your Skin Stay Hydrated

    The hydrating ability of a facial toner makes it a must-use skin care product. Exposure to polluted air as well as usage of makeup items can make your skin dehydrated.

    To avoid that, you just need to include a face toner in your daily beauty routine and help your skin stay soft and smooth.


    Absorbs Excess Oil

    Excess oil production in your skin can clog up the pores and make your skin prone to acne breakouts.

    To prevent that from happening, you just need to incorporate a face toner in your everyday skin care regimen. Use a toner to ensure that your skin stays free of excess oil.


    Removes Dirt And Grime

    This is another excellent benefit of using a facial toner. Since every day our skin is exposed to harsh external elements that can cause build-up of dirt and grime in our skin's surface, it is essential to use a facial toner to prevent them from blocking up the pores and causing infections.

    So, help your skin stay dirt-free by using this sought-after skin care item.


    Prevents Acne Breakouts

    Acne breakouts can wreak havoc in your skin's appearance. And, if you've tried the pricey acne-combating creams and still achieved no positive result, then you should try to take the long route to treat this skin condition by using a face toner on a daily basis.

    You can either buy an over-the-counter facial toner, especially made for oily skin, or just make your own toner at home. Indulge in this essential skin care step to ward off acne breakouts and achieve a clear-looking skin.


    Refreshes Your Skin

    This is the last reason why a face toner deserves a spot in your skin care routine. This beauty item is known to refresh the skin's texture and make it smooth and pretty.

    There are scores of refreshing toners that are available in the beauty stores and you can make your own toner at home as well.

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    Story first published: Thursday, November 9, 2017, 15:36 [IST]
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