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Mascara Hacks For Your Eyelashes To Look Big, Bright And Bold

By Kripa Chowdhury

Smoky eyes, clean eyes or dark eyes - whichever you want, it starts from the mascara. But applying a mascara in the right way is not a minute's job. This takes a lot of time and patience as well.

Now if that makes one of your eyes complete with its mascara makeup, then the hotchpotch starts at the next step - when you apply a mascara on the other eye. Either both the eyes mismatch or it smudges at the lower eyelid and the pain starts.

This entire mess over a mascara can be avoided if the right steps and ways are taken. The right way of getting your mascara business done for perfect eyes begin with buying a good branded mascara.

It is always better to go waterproof in case of an eye makeup and so in the case with a mascara. Once you get the correct mascara, it is important that you learn its application in the right way.

Here are fifteen simple tips that you can browse through to expertise on mascara application and get set for an arousing eye talk.


Zigzag Motion

The usual way to apply a mascara is to start from the inside and come out in an upward stroke (for the upper eyelid) and downward stroke (for the lower eyelid). This is very wrong. It is because of this straight movement of a mascara brush over eyelashes that clumps or minor dumplings happen. The remedy is, applying the mascara on eyelashes in a slow zigzag motion. The zigzag motion of a mascara brush will also not let your eyelash stick to one another. So, when applying a mascara, remember to move the brush from inside of your eyelashes to the outside, in a slow zigzag motion.


Coat From Both Sides

In how to apply a mascara, an important point that you have to remember always is multi coat your mascara. Applying one stroke of the mascara and expecting your eyes to be extraordinary is not the right way. You have to apply the mascara at least two times and a third time, in case you have really less of an eyelash.

During the first stroke of a mascara application, you must take the stroke from inside of the eyelid to the outside. At the second stroke, you have to do a reverse mascara application that is, from outside to inside. This will make the mascara free and let it spread all over your eyelashes.


Fan Dry

Though many beauty enthusiasts very well know how to apply the mascara, it turns out that right after putting the mascara, it smudges for them. To avoid this, going patient is the remedy. Apply the first coat of mascara and wait for the layer to dry (approximately two minutes). If in a hurry, you can stand near the fan. Then apply the final coat of your mascara; but this time, do not miss out on drying the mascara before you open your eyes.


Bend The Brush

Take the mascara brush when new, and bend its head 90 degree. The mascara brush should look like the English alphabet 'L', and this makes applying the mascara on your eyelashes much hassle free.


Begin With A Curler

While everyone starts eye makeup sessions with a mascara, there is an important step before that. Before the mascara, use a steel eyelash curler to curl your eyelashes such that, they are in shape. Curling eyelashes makes it easy to apply the mascara and also adds to volume of the eyelashes. Eyelash curlers are available in all makeup stores; but ensure you get the steel one alone.


Put In A Hot Water Bowl

If your mascara is little old and it is dried or flaky - the remedy is simple. Put the mascara tube in a hot water bowl before five minutes of use. This will make the mascara thinner in nature and it will be easier for you to apply. Makeup artists confirm, adding a few drops of saline water can also help in diluting the mascara before its application.


Guard Your Cheeks

The mess of your mascara getting smudged on your skin mostly happens when applying it in the lower eyelid. This ruins your face makeup and you don't know how to manage. The remedy to this is, take a spoon or tissue and place it under your lower eyelash when you apply the mascara. If someone else is doing your mascara, you can hold the tissue or spoon. If you are applying the mascara by yourself, request someone to help you in holding the tissue or spoon.


Using A Toothbrush

Often the mess over mascara happens because the brush is clamped, dirty or not in a state to be used. For such times, do not run over and buy another mascara. Instead, you can use a toothbrush. The toothbrush is great when it comes to applying a mascara smoothly on your eyelash. Try going for an old toothbrush, so that it does not prick your eyes.


Mirror Is A Must

There are beauty products that can be applied anytime, anywhere and need no mirror. For example - a perfume. But in case of a mascara, a mirror is a must. In case you try to put the mascara on your eyes without a mirror, the minor mess can turn out to be a havoc on your makeup plan. So, once you have the mascara in hand - just stand in front of the mirror and do all kinds of experiments you want to.


One Coat At One Go

As mentioned earlier, a single coat of mascara cannot complete your looks. Hence, you have to go for multi-coat of mascara. During the multi coating of a mascara, ensure your previous layer is well dried before you coat the next round of mascara. Also, at the end of each coat getting dried, try puffing little baby powder with a cotton ball to keep it in place and then, you can apply the next coat of your mascara.


Lubricated Lashes

If you know the day when you will apply the mascara, then the preparation should start a night before. Before going to sleep the previous night, try rubbing a pinch of petroleum jelly or baby oil on your eyelashes. This lubricates your eyelashes and the mascara application becomes simpler. In fact, the petroleum jelly or baby oil should be applied on the eyelashes before applying an eyeliner or any other eye makeup.


When To Throw Away Your Mascara?

Often mascara application becomes a fuss because you don't use the right mascara. The right mascara should not be more than six months old. After six months, every mascara starts showing its problems like cluttered brush, drying away and so on. So, if your mascara is six months old, please change it now for the right application and use.


Waterproof Mascara For Oily Eyelids

In case you have oily eyelids, then you have to ensure that you buy waterproof mascara only. Those with normal or dry eyelid can go for other kinds of mascaras. To learn your eyelid, walk into the nearest salon or just know your hair type. Also, don't get emotional and drop a tear in case you have normal mascara put on. The blunder can be big.


Colour Mascara

Trending in the fashion industry is coloured mascara that is available in green, blue and so many varieties. There is a trick to applying a coloured mascara. Begin with a coat of coloured mascara, followed by a coat of black mascara and end this with the coloured mascara again that you leave at about a quarter of the lash line. This intensifies the coloured mascara even better.

Story first published: Thursday, June 22, 2017, 20:00 [IST]
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