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Make Your Face Look Thin With These Make-up Tips

Yes, makeup can alter the shape and size of your face! However, for this, owning the right set of makeup products and knowing how to apply them in the right way is the most important thing to remember. Even after owning expensive makeup products, most blunders happen because women do not know the right way to use the products.

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Instead of complaining about the size and shape of your face, master the following makeup tricks that will bring in a noticeable change. Depending on which part makes your face appear chubby, choose the right makeup method and it will surely cut down on the size of your face, making it appear smaller and thinner.

Enlisted are makeup tips that will make your face appear thin. So try and master the techniques in the right way.

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Pop Down Your Cheeks

While everyone might love cuddling your cheeks, you hate them and would love to conceal them. Right? Here are the methods to pop down your cheeks using only makeup to make your face look thinner.

Use a powder, one shade darker than your normal skin tone, to draw a line along your cheek bone. Blend it from the ears to the mouth. After blending it in, add a thin coat of a highlighter to redefine your cheeks.

On a line above the dark powder, apply your favourite coloured blush and blend it from your ears to your mouth.

The highlighter adds a pop effect, while the dark powder gives it a shadow that would help make your face appear thinner.

To Have A Pointed Nose

To have a pointed nose, the list of the required makeup products is not long - powder, one shade darker than your normal skin tone, and a highlighter lighter than your natural skin tone would be needed. You will also need two smaller brushes for blending it all in.

First, apply the dark powder (only a line) on the sides of the nose and blend it towards the bridge using one of the brushes.
Apply the highlighter starting from between your eyebrows till the tip of your nose. Use the other brush to mix the highlighter into the powder you applied along the sides.

The highlighter exposes the brighter portion of the your nose, while the dark powder shrinks in the sides to make the nose appear slimmer and pointed.

Contour To The Rescue!

Contouring helps a lot in changing the shape of one's face.
You have to apply the contour in a diagonal shape from the centre of your cheeks towards the ears. Blend this nicely.
Please note, you should apply the contour towards your forehead or the upper sides of the cheeks to make your cheeks look pulled in.
Above the contour, do add a splash of your highlighter, which should be lighter than your original skin colour.

Say Bye To Your Double Chin

The jawline plays an important role and draws the ending line of your face and thus, completing its shape.
To shape your jawline, you need two makeup products - a bronzer and a contour.
Apply the bronzer on the jawline and blend it using a brush.
On this blend, add a light shade of your contour.
This lets you hide your double chin as well.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, September 26, 2017, 14:30 [IST]
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