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Five Beauty Mishaps And How To Fix Them!

By Jaiwanthika

Every once in a while, it so happens that you've got the look you want just right and have stepped out of the house marvelling at your own perfection, when you glance at the rolled-up window of a passing car and discover that your eye make-up is all smudged because you mistakenly rubbed your eyes just a second ago. Or you have lipstick on your teeth and are feeling very foolish as a result.

Well, beauty blunders happen to everyone, all the time. Here's how to fix them in a flash if they ever happen to you.

Lipstick On Your Teeth: It's not uncommon for women to get lipstick on their teeth; this can ruin a perfect pout and can flush hours spent on apply their lipsticks perfectly down the drain. What's a perfectly lined pout, with lips to match, if your teeth are stained with lipstick, too?

To avoid this beauty blunder (and it does happen every now and then to the best of us), put your finger in your mouth after you apply your lipstick and pull it out again. This will ensure that the lipstick doesn't seep into the insides of your mouth and helps your teeth stay clean. Check your teeth before your step outside, just to be 100% sure.

Smudged Eye Make-up : It's completely unrealistic to expect people to go through life without rubbing their eyes or shedding the odd tear or two, any of which may be hazardous to eye make-up, causing it to smudge all around your eyes.

You can't completely forsake mascara and eye-shadow (great if you can), so for such emergencies, purchase eye make-up guards from speciality stores.

You can also dip a cotton bud in your make-up remover, wait till it dries and keep it in your handbag for emergencies. When one arises, simply dip the bud in water and swab the afflicted area with it.

No Foundation On Your Neck: It can be distressing to discover that you've forgotten to blend your make-up onto your neck. The result is a downer, to be sure. To avoid this, make it a habit to apply your make-up correctly and apply your make-up in the best natural light possible.

Very often, people forget to blend foundation to their necks because the shadows simply makes it invisible and they forget all about it. To avoid this and to make your make-up look as natural as possible, keep the light natural as well.

Gum In Your Hair: Getting gum in your hair often means reaching for the scissors, but you don't have to if you have better ideas. The next time you get gum in your hair, you could use ice to solidify it till you can literally break it off your hair.

Alternatively, you could use enough oil to slide it right off. Both methods are equally effective and you could select the one that works best for you.

Flaky Lashes: Having your falsies flake off can be very disappointing and can ruin your entire look. This often happens when the lash adhesive comes in contact with sweat and becomes less effective than it would otherwise be.

To avoid this situation, don't handle your falsies with your bare hands. Use tweezers instead. They're more precise and you won't get sweat on the adhesive. Also, your falsies will stay on longer. Carry a pair of tweezers in your bag, along with some adhesive, for emergencies.

When it comes to beauty mishaps, a little bit of planning and foresight goes a long way in staying smart and beautiful.

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