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Fancy Styles That You Can Try With Your French Manicure

French manicure is coating the tip of the nail with a white nail colour and keeping the rest of the nail transparent. Combining only two nail paints, that too monochromatic colours, is not liked by many women.

They want their nails to appear prettier and more attractive. So, here comes the role of other props that these women can use on their French manicured nails to style them extra.

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These styling options of French manicure can be done at the salon or tried at home with all the right ingredients. You need to be really slow and patient in doing these styling tweaks to the regular French manicure, to get the most elegant look. Read on.


Coating Nails With White Nail Polish

Very easy to do, in this one, you coat your entire nail with the white paint. The best part is, white nail polish goes well with all kinds of clothing. However, the drawback in this is - it is very hard to maintain only white nail polish. Do apply a transparent coat of nail polish at the end.


The Ring Finger Alert

Well if you want to spend the least time on your French manicure, then how about decorating only the ring finger? Not only the ring finger; you can pick any finger in that case to go a little extra on decorating. Keep the rest of the fingers neat, so that one finger you work on gets the maximum attention. You could try a nail art or any contracting colour to get the look.


Glitters And Sparkles

An easy way to style your French manicure is, pouring some glitter or sparkle on it. You can get nail glitter or sparkle in any beauty store. Take a pack of it and arrange it over your nails. Make sure you apply the glitter or sparkle evenly all over the nails. If you distribute the sparkle or glitter unevenly, then it would look dirty and clumsy. Also, be picky on the colour of glitter or sparkle you opt for.


Glitter French Manicure

Very different from the others, here a glitter nail polish is coated on the tip of the nails. Though the picture shows a golden glitter nail polish, you could choose different colours. When you apply a glitter nail paint, ensure you even coat it, such that it does not feel uneven to look at.


Patterned French Manicure

Look at the picture carefully. Though at first sight it may seem like white painted nails, there are stars all over it. To do this, nail art kits are available in beauty stores that you can use. We suggest picking some bright colours for the stars or patterns you choose to apply, so that it becomes prominent out of the base coat of the white paint on your nails.


Stone Nail Art

One of the ways to style your French manicure or nails with any nail paint colour is putting stones all over it. On putting the stones in an arranged manner, the nail looks attractive and enchanting. Here the French manicure is tweaked with simple white and pink stones. You can use other colours as well. When you do this, ensure that your base coat of white nail polish is at the right place.

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