A Quick Four-Step Process For Full Coverage Makeup

Your skin might have imperfections, yet the goal is to make it look perfect. The primary skin concerns are blemishes, marks, and pigmentations that are noticeable and bar the perfection. The imperfection on the skin can be in the form of birthmarks, freckles, hyperpigmentation, eczema, bruises, burn scars, vitiligo, acne, pimples, discolourations and more as well.

While medical or homemade treatments to these barriers to perfect skin take time to show their result; what is the instant remedy to treat them and carry on with your perfect look?

Well, the answer is, you have to go for a full-coverage makeup. The full-coverage makeup adds an even, same-coloured coat to the skin with an airbrush quality.

full-coverage makeup

Other than full-coverage makeup, the other kinds that are popular are medium coverage, sheer cover and light coverage.

These makeup coverages do not completely cover the skin outbursts and problems, to the extent full-coverage makeup does. Thus, those with extremely noticeable skin problems must go for this full-coverage makeup.

Many of them mistake full-coverage makeup as, a layer of makeup all over the body. This is completely wrong and full coverage makeup only implies coating even the critical skin problems, so that the skin looks even. The full-coverage makeup is high-defined and very opaque in nature.

So, if your skin has extreme skin problems that you would want to cover with full-coverage makeup, then here is a four-step process that you can follow. Though many cosmetics can be applied in order to do full-coverage makeup, here we will show the fastest full-coverage makeup technique you can possibly do.

This full-coverage makeup is done using only two cosmetics and is followed by two related steps.

Makeup Essentials Required To Do The Full-coverage Makeup:

  • A full-coverage foundation
  • A tinted moisturizer or BB cream
  • Makeup brush
  • Mirror

It is very important to buy the right branded beauty products to do the full-coverage makeup. If you use a usual cream moisturizer or try doing the full-coverage makeup with a light foundation, then the outcome will be wrong. You can do the full-coverage makeup using your hands or a makeup brush.

How To Do The Full Coverage Makeup?

First, ensure your face is clean and dry. If you apply full-coverage makeup on dirty or polluted skin, it might react and end in disastrous effects.

Sit in front of the mirror and mark the places that have marks and needs extra effort of the full-coverage makeup.

Start with the tinted moisturizer or BB cream. Take a pump of the moisturizer or BB cream in your hand and apply dots of it all over your face, neck and the required areas. Using the brush, blend the tinted moisturizer or BB cream.

Start from the center of your face, as that is where you have maximum discolouration. From T-zone, blend out the moisturizer or BB cream towards the ears. In case of the neck, start from below and stroke up towards the chin.

Once the moisturizer or BB cream is evenly coated all over your skin, take the full-coverage foundation that matches your skin colour.

Now, take a pump of the full-coverage foundation and apply it on your skin's marks and outbursts. Do not layer up a coat of full-coverage foundation, as it can make the face look cakey and the makeup may not stay for long. And voila, that's how to get the full-coverage makeup look!

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    Story first published: Monday, July 10, 2017, 17:00 [IST]
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