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3 Types Of Must-Have Party Wear Eyeshadows

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In the last decade, the beauty industry has transformed itself rapidly and at a steady pace. Now a multi-billion dollar industry, it is possible to see both established companies and new enterprises sell high-quality cosmetics.

The number of products that were available a few years ago has increased by four folds or more!

No more of avoiding makeup due to skin allergies. Ladies who have a sensitive skin can easily purchase hypoallergenic products to safe-guard their eyes while looking their best.

Lipsticks, blush, eyeshadows and eyeliners are just a few of the many types of cosmetics you can purchase online and at malls.

types of eyeshadow

Right from eyeliners to mascaras, there is an unlimited choice for women with varying needs. If you want your eyes to be decorated in a sea-blue tone, then you can easily mix and match products to get the look that you admire.

It is believed that majority of the beauty in a woman's face lies in her eyes. Cosmetics have made it possible to significantly increase the natural beauty of women.

Smokey eyes, metallic eyes, glamorous eyes and seductive eyes! These are just a few of the variations that can be tried using eyeshadows.

The possibilities are indeed limitless. You can mix and match products to get a different look every day of the year. However, before you take a leap of faith and start purchasing products, continue reading.

The following paragraphs will give you an insight on the 3 types of eyeshadows that are available, their benefits and the product that is ideal for your needs.

types of eyeshadow

Powder Eyeshadow: Most commonly available in the form of powder, you can get 6 to 20 shades in 1 box of pallets.

A few brands have also introduced the one-shade miniature pallet, which is cost effective. The shades are available in pinks, blues, yellows and even metallic shades. This form of an eyeshadow is the cheapest and most popular.

Powder eyeshadows can be tough to wear and it also takes some time to learn how to master this art. Since the powder is pressed down, you will need to purchase a good brush for the application.

Liquid Eyeshadow: A recently launched product in the market, liquid eyeshadows come in a creamy base. The creamy base ensures that the colour doesn't rub off easily.

This product is recommended for those who are in a rush to fix their makeup. Both application and blending of this product is an easy task. Some liquid eyeshadow bottles are marketed with a liquid eyeliner in the same bottle.

Liquid eye makeup can be applied directly with an applicator. Some people recommend using a base liquid first to ensure that the eyeliner doesn't crack after drying.

types of eyeshadow

Pure Pigment Eyeshadow: Available in over 20 shades, pure pigment eyeshadow is available in a loose powder form. Pigments are extremely potent and can be mixed with filtered water amongst other liquids.

Mixing a base liquid with the pigment will give your very own instant liquid eyeshadow. Majority of the pure pigment eyeshadow products are hypoallergenic, which is a positive point for people with allergies. An applicator is needed to successfully apply the pigment shadows.

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 11, 2016, 14:01 [IST]
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