Tricks For Applying Cat Eye Liner

By: Debdatta Mazumder
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Eyes speak your heart out. When words can’t convey your feelings, it is your eyes that tell everything. So, it is your duty to take care of them and know well how to design them effectively to steal hearts.

You can apply any type of a design, as per the shape and size of your eyes. Cat style is so much in fashion these days and it can make you look hot and beautiful. Do you know how to apply a cat-eye eyeliner?

Applying eyeliner can be messy. There are many girls who prefer to use kohl than a liquid eyeliner. But, if you know the tricks for applying a cat eye liner, you can do it perfectly well without any trouble.

If you’re trying this style of an eye makeup for your wedding or any huge occasion, you can appoint a professional. But, if you’re trying it by yourself, you need to follow the appropriate guidelines of how to apply an eyeliner cat eye style.

To get the best cat eyeliner design, you can follow the tips and tricks for applying a cat eyeliner by an expert. The secrets of applying an eyeliner will definitely help you in getting beautiful eyes. So, follow these tips on how to apply a cat-eye eyeliner.

Tricks for Applying Cat Eye Liner

1. Symmetrical Flick: At the beginning, you should apply even and perfect flicks till the end of your eyes. The width must be the same in both the eyes.

Now, draw a thin line over your tear duct. Are you done? Add the flick and thin line into an arch-shaped line.

2. Eye Shadow Trick: This is one of the most important tricks for applying a cat eye liner. Take your favourite eye shadow, an angular brush and water.

Damp the brush and take an eye shadow. Now, start applying it in the middle of your eye lid. Smudge it outwards and fill the corners.

Tricks for Applying Cat Eye Liner

3. Wing Style:
Take the lower lash line to have this style. Make the line in a way, so that it looks like a wing, the extended part of the thin line you applied before.

4. Try Taupe Eye Shadow: If you’re looking for appropriate tricks for applying cat eye liner, try this one. This natural-looking eye shadow can give a nice dimension to your look. Apply it and then use any darker colour to have an even tone.

Tricks for Applying Cat Eye Liner

5. Make The Wing: This is the trickiest part of a cat style. To get it perfect, apply a sticky note at the outer corner of your eyes. Now, draw your angle. You have to do it carefully while doing the edge to get a correct angle.

Tricks for Applying Cat Eye Liner

6. Apply Liner Before Making The Wing: A wing for cat eye style always look better if it goes straight out from the lash line than a diagonal design that goes upward.

If you apply liner and mascara and curl the lashes before making the wing, you can have the perfect canvas to paint further.

7. Look Straight:
When professional makeup artists suggest tricks for applying cat eye liner, they always ask you to look straight into the mirror to understand how you’re looking with this style with open eyes.

Try not to pull your skin out, as that gives you another design, but not cat eye.

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Story first published: Monday, January 25, 2016, 9:00 [IST]
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