This Makeup Will Make Men Run Away!

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Hey, ladies! Do you know that in the attempt of pleasing your man, you can actually make him run away from you, especially if you are going on your first date. You don't want that, right? Yes, this is true, men hate some makeup stuff that you apply to please them or look nice.

It is not important that the makeup you like should be liked by your man too. Men prefer an elegant makeup with a gorgeous dress up. They like things to be kept simple and hate the makeup that may distract them.

Remember, the way you dress up and the way you apply makeup can make your man create a good or bad impression about you. Therefore, you must know the things that men hate, especially if you are getting ready for your man on your very first date.

Read on the article to find out the makeup that men hate, which may make you stand out like a clown in their eyes. Don't let this happen to you. Scroll the slides and avoid these makeup mistakes when you are going to meet your special someone.


Perfume Overload

Less is the rule with perfumes, no matter how costly or cheap they are. Just spray a little of it on your pulse and thats it. Men hate extreme smell of perfumes and prefer it to be mild.


Dark Lips

All girls like their lips to be prominently defined with good colours. But do you know that men like light lip colours such as a nude lipstick shade and a baby pink colour? Also, note that using a dark lip pencil and a light lipstick shade can make you look odd and out of the way.


Too Much Glitter

Some girls love to apply glittery eyeliners, eyeshadows or lipsticks, but do you know that it is one of the makeup stuff that men hate? If you are going for your first date, avoid all the shimmery stuff.


Sticky Eyelashes

Applying too much of mascara can make your eyelashes look clump and stick to each other. Men can easily notice that and can get distracted from your looks. After applying a mascara, use an eyelash brush to remove off the excess from your lashes.


Too Much Foundation

Men will feel that you have an artificial look and you may look like a clown to them. Foundations are meant to mask your skin tone imperfections and to hide the scars if any. If used on the whole face, they will give you a natural look. Hence, use a little of it and the one that matches your complexion.


Extreme Hairstyles

Some girls may add extra effects to their hair, by putting some shiny hair clips, bobby pins, etc. You must keep your hairstyle simple, as this will enhance your look. Even if you are making a hair puff, keep it a little low; however, the best is to leave your hair untied and a little messy.


Dramatic Eyes

Men simply hate dramatic eyes, such as applying lumps of eyeliner and that too black, all over your eyelids. Don't go too bold with your eye makeup, especially if you're meeting your guy on a first date. This can scare your man away. Hence, keep it simple and elegant that your man for sure will admire.

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