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Makeup Hacks To Lift Up Your Face

By Riddhi

Makeup can literally be a game-changer for your face, especially if you know tricks to change up your look. These makeup hacks will lift up your face and make it look structured and even fresher.

These tricks will make your face look completely different and make it look like you're wide awake all at once. These can make you get a fresher, more livelier appeal.

Makeup may require a little bit of practice; but once you get the hang of it, it can truly be what you'd want to always have on your face. While basic makeup tricks may be super important, it is even more important to know of the little things that could enhance your face.

After all, basic makeup skills won't really complete your look. It is these things that would. You don't even need too many fancy tools for it. Most of these require basic highlighting products and that's just about it. And trust us, these products are so multidimensional that you'd be happy you got them.

It's like one product that has multiple benefits for your face. So, here are the makeup hacks that would lift up your face. Have a look at them.

1. Cupid's Bow: A little beige or champagne shimmery eyeshadow on the Cupid's bow can give a 3-dimensional look to your pout. It is a simple and easy makeup hack to lift up your face.

2. Arch Of The Brow: Apply the same eyeshadow on the arch of your brow and blend it well. This gives a lot of dimension to your face and makes your eyebrows look lifted up.

3. High Points Of Cheeks: Another place where you should use highlighter is on the high points of your cheeks to get that lifted-up look.

4. Tear Ducts: Using a little highlight on your tear ducts or the inner corner of your eyes can make you look wide awake and fresh even when you're not feeling all that wide awake.

5. Bridge Of Nose: Light reflects very easily from the bridge of your nose. So, be sure to highlight that area. And this is a perfect makeup hack that would help lift up your face.

6. Around The Mouth: Apply concealer on the outside and around your mouth to make sure your lipstick looks clean and the entire focus is on your mouth. One great face-lifting makeup hack there, we must say!

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