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How To Be A Diva Without Throwing Tantrums

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The meaning of the word "Diva" refers to someone who is beautiful up to a flaw. However, in the modern day and age, the term Diva is often used as a synonym for "spoiled and pampered."

Divas that live in the 21st century are infamous for throwing tantrums. Such Divas want everything handed to them on a platter and they want to get whatever their hearts want, irrespective of who it hurts.

Divas also fix their makeup every second minute, send minions to get tasks done for them and do everything that they are not supposed to do.

How To Be A Diva Without Throwing Tantrums

Let's face it, no one likes a Diva who is mean and obnoxious. No one is particularly fond of a Diva who is too busy fixing her nails and hair. Certainly, no one likes a Diva who has to be carried home because her stilettos broke!

Things are about to change and for the better. Are you ready for this exciting adventure that lies ahead?

Follow this easy 3-step guide to fix your hair, nails, makeup and become a modern-day Diva whom people are proud to call their BFF!

Step 1: Fix Your Outer Appearance In Advance

How To Be A Diva Without Throwing Tantrums

Makeup, hair sprays and other products make a person look good. They also make a person feel good. Remember to fix your makeup before you go to any given event.

Wear durable makeup that doesn't come off easily. Invest in a 12 hours lipstick, as it will stay for at least 8-9 hours. Remember to blot your lipstick before you leave your home. Use DIY tips to avoid smudging of your eyeliner and purchase a smudge-proof eyeliner.

Practice how to stay an entire day without smudging your eyeliner. If a certain type of makeup doesn't agree to your skin type or choices in life, then stay away from it. Wear makeup that you are comfortable in and the one that matches your skin tone and hairstyle.

Step 2: Wear Heels That Don't Break Easily

How To Be A Diva Without Throwing Tantrums

Wear heels that suit your body type and your weight. Choose wedges that are attractive over uncomfortable stilettos if you are not petite. Choose heels that are meant for the Indian roads. Break into your shoes before you wear them outside for the first time.

Shoe bites are a nasty thing, which can make the strongest of Divas cry. Learn the right way to wear heels, as heels when worn incorrectly can hurt your spine. Buy the right size of shoes, even if it is a size 8!

Step 3: Become Someone Who You Would Like To Be-Friend

How To Be A Diva Without Throwing Tantrums

Don't just look good, act good and mean what you say. When people start noticing that you are more than just an attractive girl, they will see you as someone they want to be friends with. Lay emphasis on keeping your word, don't say things just because you can.

Have an attitude that is likeable, especially by those who look up to you. Try not to hurt people who look different, as these people tend to make the best of friends. Never belittle anyone. Walk a mile in their shoes and try to understand how you would feel if someone belittled you.

Choose your company wisely and learn how to be diplomatic while talking to people you do not like. Don't throw fits of rage when you feel wronged, keep your inner peace and act wisely.

Remember, you cannot change all the people around you. You cannot improve the world in 1 day. You can only be the change you want to see and work hard on a daily basis to meet this goal.

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