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Easy Makeup Hacks For Beginners

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Makeup is something that we've known a lot of people to be scared of venturing into. But once you get into it, it can literally feel like magic. So here, we will share some easy makeup hacks for beginners.

Makeup has the ability to change your look in the best ways possible. It can make your face look slimmer, more sculpted and you can even look healthy when you are indeed feeling not so healthy.

There are a few hacks that can make the whole experience of using makeup a whole lot easier, because no one was born an expert at makeup. It is only through trial and error and a lot of experimenting that we learn.

So, venture into the world of makeup and you'd never look back. It isn't really as difficult as it seems. After trying basic makeup, you can try out more makeup looks that are not so basic.

Here are some hacks for you to try out and do remember that only practise will make you perfect at makeup.

1. BB Cream: A BB cream is a multitasking product that every makeup beginner needs to have. It is a primer, foundation, moisturiser and sunscreen, all in one product, so it saves you from using too many products.

makeup hacks for beginners

2. Tape Hack: Trying to get that perfect winged eyeliner? Just use some tape at the outer corners of your eyelids. It works as a kind of ruler to help you draw that sharp wing.

makeup hacks for beginners

3. Lip Balm: Always use a lip balm before you use any lipstick. This helps the lipstick go on smoother and stay longer. This is especially true if you're using a matte lipstick.

makeup hacks for beginners

4. Lip Scrub: Scrub your lips on a regular basis to make sure they remain pink and plump. Flaky lips would look really awkward with lipstick. It would also be quite painful at the end of the day.

makeup hacks for beginners

5. Concealer: Apply concealer under the eyes in a half moon or inverted triangle form rather than dotting it on under the eyes. When you blend it in, it would look even and not patchy and rough.

makeup hacks for beginners

6. Mascara: Mascara is the one product that no makeup addict ever leaves home without using. It can literally lift up your entire look and make you look wide awake even when you're not feeling it.
makeup hacks for beginners
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Story first published: Thursday, November 10, 2016, 23:00 [IST]
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