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Creative Ways To Use A White Eyeliner!

By Rima Chowdhury

Excited about using a white eyeliner? Don't worry, here we've brought to you some of the best ideas that you could try while using a white eyeliner.

If you are a real fashionista and makeup crazy, you might have already tried the white eyeliner trend or you may be looking out for the apt options to apply it.

However, white eyeliners not only look good but also make your eyes look good, bright and appealing. Rihanna was the first among the celebrities who brought the trend of 80's back in the 21st century, and the world is now going crazy over this white eyeliner.

Check out some of the awesome ways to use a white eyeliner.


1. Soft Looks

If you are trying this for the first time, try the soft look using a white eyeliner. Apply the white liner at your waterline and use a white liner to line the inner corners and the upper lids. Using the fingers, now blend the white liner towards the inner direction; keep it simple and minimum for the first time.


2. Create The Shimmer Effect

If you want to create magic with a white eyeliner, use it as a shimmer at the upper lids. First, apply the black liquid eyeliner on the upper lash and allow it to dry. Now, apply the shimmer white eyeliner at the top of it and shade the area using a golden coloured eye shadow. Make sure you wear kajal or liner on the waterlines as well.


3. Line Your Bottom Lid In White, Top Lid In Black

Using white eyeliner pencil on the bottom as well as the lid can make you look like a ghost. If you are not sure about it, avoid using too much of the white eyeliner pencil. You can create cat-inspired eyes using the white eyeliner and black liquid eyeliner. Apply black liner on the top of the lid and use the white eyeliner to the bottom. Finish off the look using some shimmer particles.


4. Highlight The Inner Corner

In order to make your eyes pop instantly, you can try using a white liner in the inner corners of the eye. To apply it, make a V on your inner eye corners, using this eyeliner and smudge it with other colours. Using white eyeliner in this way will make your eyes look good, attractive and hot.


5. Wing Out Your White Eyeliner

Making a wing with your white eyeliner adds an oomph factor to your eyes. All you need to do is draw a simple line on the upper lid - like you make a wing using the black liner. Now, extend the liner to the inner part of the corner and smudge it using your index finger. This will allow the eyes to look great and give a more diffused appearance.


6. Apply Some White Liner To The Inner Corners Of The Eye

If you don't want to task a risk with white eyeliner and the shade, add some white eyeliner to the corner of the eyes and leave your eye nude for maximum effect. Make sure you smudge the white eyeliner well, so that it looks balanced on the face. This will give freshness to the face.


7. Focus On The Inner Part Of Your Eye

White eyeliner can help to open up your eye, while on other hand, black eyeliners can close them up. Concentrating white eyeliners on the inner part of the eye gives the illusion of elongated, big and beautiful eyes. If you feel it is just too dark and harsh to be carried off, smudge it off with the index finger.


8. Cover The Lower Half With White Eyeliner

To recreate this look, make a thick line using white eyeliner on the lower half of the eye. Make a line from the lash line to the midway and keep the rest as it is. Now, apply white eyeliner on the upper lashes and complete it by adding some shimmer particles. So, when you open your eye, the half white liner used on the lower half will add a sensuousness to the eye and grab some attention.

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Story first published: Tuesday, November 29, 2016, 23:00 [IST]