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8 Beauty Terms You Need To Know In 2016

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There are quite a few new terms in the world of beauty and they have come up very recently. So, here are a few beauty and makeup terms from the year 2016 that you need to be aware of to be up to date!

The world of beauty is ever evolving what with new makeup tricks coming up every day. A decade ago, one would have never imagined that it would be possible to make your face look slimmer using makeup, but now it is indeed possible.

So, we bring you this updated beauty terms dictionary to help you get to know of all the new beauty terms, mostly used in 2016, that you would need to know to be well versed in the world of beauty and makeup.

There are so many things you can do with makeup these days, besides the oh-so boring base makeup. People who start to do these things end up not being able to get out of the house without them because they see how amazing it can make their faces look.

So, here are some of the beauty terms you need to know for 2016.

1. Strobing: This refers to applying subtle shimmer to the areas where the light naturally hits your face, like the bridge of the nose, the arch of the eyebrows and the high points of the cheekbones.

beauty terms 2016

2. Highlighting: This is similar to strobing, but it employs the use of a concealer with no shimmer in it to get the desired effect. This is the beauty term mostly used in 2016.

beauty terms 2016

3. Contouring: Contouring is the process of using a foundation in two shades darker than your skin tone to emphasise your features and make them sharper to give your face an angled, slimmer look. Definitely a must-know makeup term!

beauty terms 2016

4. Baking: Baking is the process of putting translucent powder to set your makeup and leaving it on for a few minutes, then dusting it off. This gives a natural finish to the whole face.

beauty terms 2016

5. Tightline: This means using a black eyeliner on your upper waterline to give it a more natural look and make the eyes look bigger. This is one important beauty and makeup term you need to be familiar with.

beauty terms 2016

6. Waterline: The waterline is usually meant to refer to the lower waterline. You can use a nude eyeliner here to give your eyes a fresh wide-awake appearance.

beauty terms 2016

7. Brows On Fleek: Fuller brows are in trend these days, as opposed to the stick thin brows of the early 2000s. Well defined, full brows are called eyebrows on fleek and it's good to know this updated term in the beauty dictionary.

beauty terms 2016

8. No-Poo: No-poo or the "no shampoo method" of washing the hair has gained popularity recently. This means you wash your hair using only natural alternatives to the otherwise chemically laden shampoos.

beauty terms 2016
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Story first published: Wednesday, December 7, 2016, 23:00 [IST]
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