Makeup Tips For Indian Girls

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Makeup is not the same for all girls. It depends on each of your skin tone, colour and textute. Climatic and geographical features can also play a major role here. So, be flexible with your makeup and keep on experimenting with it. If you feel more confident in a particular look, you are on the right track.

However, there are certain basic beauty and makeup rules to follow based on your skin tone and colour. If you follow these rules, you can beat all your makeup and beauty standards. In this article, we will help you choose your makeup look, especially for Indian girls.

Indian girls mostly have dark and deep hair colour and a wheatish skin complexion. In such cases, it is very important to make the face look prominent if the hair is too dark. With a proper makeup, you can achieve the best look ever. Listed, in this article, are some of the great makeup and hair care tips for Indian girls.

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Wear A Round Ear Ring

If you have long straight black tresses, a big large ear ring can make you look out of the world. This will also make your face stand out of the black hair. Try it once and for a cool Indian look. This is one of the best makeup tips for girls with a dark skin complexion. You can also wear large loud-coloured studs that will give you a sophisticated look.


Apply kajal

Girls with black hair colour must apply kajal, as this can give them a more Indianised look. This can also make your face look more prominent, with a black on black combination. This is one of the best makeup tips for Indian girls.


Wear A Bindi (A Small Round Dot Applied On Forehead)

An Indian look is incomplete without a Bindi, especially for those girls having deep hair colour. A small little bindi can define your face, especially if you have dark hair. The colour of the bindi can be pink, green, or a sparkly one.


Define Your Lips

First outline your lips well with a dark coloured lip pencil and then apply a lip gloss. This will add more charm to your personality if you have dark hair and a wheatish complexion.


Lip Makeup

For ladies having dark-coloured hair, use bright pink or red coloured lipstick. Avoid applying light pink and highlight your lips, so that they will stand out from your deep dark hair. Rose lip colour looks good on brown hair. For black hair, avoid peach and apricot shades, which can give your skin a dull look.


Eye Shades

Girls with black hair must go with brown or grey eye shades. However, your eye colour also plays an important role in deciding your eye shade, but if you can't decide with it, go for a brown shade on your black tresses.



Avoid using a heavy foundation, instead go with a little foundation and a lighter tone. Avoid foundations with a pinkish tint. If your hair colour is chocolate brown, use tint of gold, copper and honey shades in your makeup.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 2, 2015, 14:05 [IST]
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