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    Prevent Your Lipstick From Smudging With These Simple Hacks

    By Riddhi Roy

    We all love a bold lip for those night outs. Nothing makes quite an impact like a bold lip colour does. In fact, a bold lipstick has the ability to dress up the plainest clothes and make you look like you really tried.

    With a bold lippy, you don't even have to do a whole lot of makeup, because the lipstick just pulls the whole look together. And who doesn't love the classic red lipstick that seems to go with every single outfit of yours. Don't feel like dressing up? Put on a white tee with some blue jeans and pucker up that classic red lippy and you are good to go. You will look dressed up even without making any effort at all.

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    A lot of people shy away from using bold lipsticks, for the fear that they will smudge. Well, fear not, for we will give you tips on how to make sure your bold lippy looks as fearless and glamourous as you are!

    One thing to make sure is to always buy your lipsticks from a reputed brand, and of the matte variety, especially if it is a bold colour, in order to avoid it from bleeding into your skin. Here are some simple hacks to avoid your lipstick from smudging.

    1. Prep- Prepping the lips is really important for when you apply a matte lipstick of a bold colour. Lipstick will apply uneven and streaky on lips that are flaky and dry. To avoid this, make a DIY lip scrub made of sugar and olive oil. Rub this on your lips to get rid of dead skin cells and flakes. This also improves blood circulation in the lips. You can even add some cinnamon powder to this lip scrub. Cinnamon is well known to make the lips look plumper. It is like a natural lip filler. Lipstick will never last on lips that are rough and have peeling skin. This is especially true if you are using a liquid lipstick. We suggest going for a liquid lipstick as these are so much more long lasting than traditional tube lipsticks. A liquid lip will dry down to be completely transfer proof.

    2. Lip Balm- Moisturising your lips is key to having seamless looking lip colour. Make sure you use a lip balm about fifteen minutes before you apply the lipstick. Rub off the balm right before you apply the lip colour. Do this gently using a tissue paper because if you do not rub the lip balm off, it will turn into a sticky mess and probably make your lipstick smudge even more. This is like when you use a primer before applying makeup. It acts as a smooth base for your lipstick to go on. We love applying a thick layer of lip balm right before we go to bed, so we wake up to a soft, plump pout.

    3. Powder- One of the best tips to make your lipstick last longer and remain smudge free is to apply a thin layer of translucent powder to your lips right after you apply your lipstick, especially if you are using a cream or satin finish lipstick. This trick is also used by makeup artists to turn a cream or satin finish lipstick into one with a matte finish. Use a fluffy brush to apply the translucent powder, and then using the same brush, dust off the excess. Make sure that the powder has no colour pigments in it, as this would change the colour of your lipstick.

    4. The Finger Trick- This trick has been in use since the time of our grandmothers. All you have to do is run a single finger in your mouth right after you apply the lipstick. This prevents the lipstick from getting on to your teeth. This is the simplest trick that does not even require any fancy tools or products.

    5.  Use a lip liner- A lip liner of the same colour creates a strong base for your lipstick to go on top of. Lip liners are mostly transfer proof, which helps improve the longevity of your lipstick. It also creates a boundary between your lips and the rest of your face. Go for a lip liner that completely matches the shade of your lipstick, to get the best results.

    6. Conceal- Another trick you can use to create a boundary between your lips and your face is to line the surrounding of your mouth using a concealer. This prevents the lipstick from bleeding on to your skin and also makes your pout look a whole lot bigger. Apply the concealer with a small concealer brush, and blend with the same brush. This is a way to highlight the lip colour.

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