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Makeup Tips To Get Soft Pretty Eyes

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There was a time when pretty ladies would make their men swoon just by batting their pretty little eyelids. However, the whole concept of being a 'pretty little thing' has gone out of fashion now. That is by most modern women opt for eye makeup ideas that are stark, smoky or bold. However, the old fashioned style of having soft eyes can lend a unique elegance to your look.

Soft eye makeup was popular in the 50s and 60s when ladies were more prim, proper and coy. But this style is making a definite come back with some alterations of course. The sizzling beauty, Kristen Stewart has been sporting soft eye makeup several times. This was her look at the Cannes film festival this year (2012).

Soft Eyes Makeup

To get this look, follow the guidelines given below.

  • The most important element of this makeup trick is mascara. Thicken up your eyelashes (both the upper and lower ones) with dark black mascara. This will give you batty eyelids. Apply a double coat if necessary.
  • Do not apply too much mascara as it will smudge. Curl your eyelashes with a lash curler and use a comb to brush out any excess mascara.
  • Now draw a thick black line with kohl on your upper lash line. The line should be thin near your nose and get thicker at the outer edge of your eyes.
  • Make use of an eyeliner pencil and not liquid eyeliner because you need to draw a thick line.
  • Use a light brown or coffee coloured eyeliner on your lower lash line This will allow the dark line on your upper lash line to be prominent. Do not draw your lower lash line as long as the upper one. End it just short of the edge of your eyes.
  • Use a soft tinted nude coloured eyeshadow on your eyelids. Try to avoid warm and striking shades like red and maroon. A neutral eyeshadow will make your eyes look soft.
  • This eye makeup idea is basically to play down your eyes. So you can use it during the daytime with subtle makeup and at night with more glamorous shades.
  • If you are going for a glamorous look like Kristen Stewart, then you can put on some blood red lipstick and warm coloured blusher. It is the perfect evening beauty look.
  • During the day time, this same eye makeup idea will go well with a light brown or nude coloured lipstick and soft tinted blush.

Make him fall for you by trying these makeup tips to get soft pretty eyes. You can share your personal tips by adding your list to these basic guidelines.

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