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5 Makeup Cosmetics That Save Time!

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Makeup is a time consuming affair. We are worst hit in the morning when we are trying to do some quick makeup to make our sleepy faces presentable at the office. The point is that our busy lifestyles can no longer support a leisurely makeup schedule. So what do we do? Go bare or learn to speed things up? Any woman would love the second option. Thankfully modern cosmetics are being made with our time constraints in mind.


If you carry a few essentials in your makeup kit then you can manage to save a lot of time. The following are 5 indispensable time saving makeup essentials!

Time Saving Makeup Essentials:

1. Eyeliner Pencil: We all know that the liquid eyeliner looks and feels much better. But you need to make do with the eyeliner pencil sometimes to save time. There is major chance of the liquid eyeliner smudging when you are in a mad haste. Once it smudges, it leaves dark blotches around your eyes. So better to stick to the pencil if you are in a hurry.

2. Concealer: The concealer is one cosmetic that was made by the gods. It gives you a better effect than foundation and is quick too. When you do not have the time to mix the foundation with lotion and prepare a perfect base for your makeup, go easy with a concealer. Hide the scars and blemishes on your face with a small quantity of concealer. But be careful to choose a shade that matches your skin tone very well.

3. All Purpose Primer, Foundation and Concealer: Many cosmetic brands are now making this amazing product. Some call it the magic foundation and others call it the finishing powder. Either ways, it is absolutely indispensable for quick makeup. All you have to do is swab this over your face and be done with it. Here too, you need to choose a shade that is just right for you.

4. Lip Balm: Most of us get too lazy to touch up our makeup every now or then. There are also some dull mornings when the thought of applying lip colour is not very welcoming. On these troublesome days, a lip balm with a mild tint can be of great help. It is not hard core makeup but looks like makeup. You can save time on makeup by carrying a tiny file of lip balm in your purse.

5. The Powder Brush: Do you do your make up with the tiny brushes that come with the cosmetic boxes? Then you are still an amateur. The large bushy powder brush really saves time for makeup. You can cover a large area with it at once and because of its volume, you need just a single stroke to apply the blusher or highlighter on your face.

These 5 things really help when you need to do some quick makeup.

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Story first published: Friday, June 15, 2012, 18:05 [IST]
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