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How To Go 'Pink' With Makeup On V Day?

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Pink Makeup
Pink is the commercial colour love. If you too want to be all cute in pink dress then you can try the concept of pink makeup. You can actually look quite hot in pink unless you attempt a candy bar look. As V Day is approaching, you have to take your options seriously. You can do more than one thing with the colour pink if you have ideas.

Here are some tips to play around with the colour pink for makeup on your special day.

Ways To Try Pink For Makeup On V Day:

1. Eyeshadow Shades: Pink is a really cool makeup shade for your eyelids. In fact you use it all the time. You just don't notice it because you not consciously highlighting it. We usually use pink as a tint because it is too loud colour for daily wear.

2. Shading Pink: It is important to use a combination of pinks instead of flat bubblegum pink for for your eyes. Your eye makeup ideas are important because that will be the focus of your face. Try a base of flesh tone pink or peach layered with a brighter shade like Barbie pink. This combination will bring depth to your eyes because normally pink is a pretty flat colour.

3. Pink Contours: Another great eye makeup idea is to use a pink liner as a highlighting line on your lower lid. If you have kept your eyeshadow basic then you can highlight eyes by drawing a thin line of pink over the lower lash line. It will go best if you have used a bit of white eye liner too.

4. Which Shade Of Pink: Whether you look like a circus tent or suavely charismatic depends on your choice of shade. Some shades of pink like the natural lip colour or the reddish pink closer to magenta can give you a very sophisticated look. But if you go for baby diaper pink then you god save you. Not everybody is Baby Spice to carry that off!

5. Pink Cheeks: Pink makeup for your cheeks is not such a big deal for V Day or no Valentine's day. It is one the basic makeup shades you use on a daily basis. People hardly put green rouge on their cheeks. It is usually the reds, the pinks and the browns. But the key is to not overdo your cheeks when you are using a bight colour like pink on the rest of your face. Don't make it look like pancake makeup.

6. Pink Lips: Choose a decent shade for your lips and always balance it out. If you have used bright pink for your eyes then your lips should be simple. You can also use a dark pink lip liner and fill up your lips with a neutral colour.

Use these fashion tips for women to look gorgeous with pink makeup on Valentine's.

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Story first published: Friday, February 3, 2012, 11:32 [IST]
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