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Metal makeup colours are no longer the sole forte of rock-stars or punks. Nowadays most of us use bit of mettallic colours to prep up our normal makeup. The glint of metallic colours looks appealing especially for a night makeup. A touch of metal colour in your eye makeup idea or just plain gold dust can make your party wear look outstanding.

However, most of us get confused when it comes to using metallic colours for makeup. We do not know how much to use and how to apply it to reflect the best effect. The following guidelines tell you how to get a metallic look without overdoing it.

Metallic Makeup

You Can Use Metallic Makeup Colours With..

Highlighter: Most of us do not know exactly how to use a highlighter. A highlighter is something that highlights your makeup in the right place. For example, if you are not blessed with naturally high cheekbones, then you can add a stroke of highlighter to your cheeks to highlight your rouge. Now if the highlighter is metallic in colour, then it will catch the light and so will your pretty cheeks.

Eyeliner: You can try numerous different eye makeup ideas with a metallic eyeliner. The silver grey for starters, is one of the most 'in' shades these days. The glittery black is not metallic but can be counted in, depending on how glittering it is. The pick of the lot is the metallic white eyeliner. Draw a line of white over your normal black eye liner and see the spunk it adds to your look.

Eye Shadow: Apart from the eyeliner, eye shadow colours too can give you a metallic look. You can use gold, silver, bronze and other metallic hues in your eye makeup ideas. However, be careful that you do not use too much of these metallic colours. Just a single coat is enough to make your night makeup stand out. Overdoing it will make you look bizzare.

Nail Colours: Age of black nail polish is past. It is time of metallic colours to adorn your nails. The single most popular nail colour now a days is a silvery white or grey. You can hardly go wrong with this colour. So, if you do not have the penchant to carry dark colours like black and blue, try some metallic shades.

Shimmer and Shine: If you like to keep your general makeup metal free then no worries. You can still get a bronze or golden shine on your face. All you have to do is dust some gold powder on your entire face after you are through with your makeup. Make sure you use the metallic dust evenly all over your face. Or else, patches on your face will give you a comical look.

Metallic makeup can add some 'oomph' to every aspect of your look. Are there any other means to use metallic makeup colours?

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