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Makeup & Beauty Tips To Wear Glasses

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Beauty Tips To Wear Glasses
Glasses are in fashion. Be it sunglasses or power spectacles, a woman's face is covered with glasses. According to a research, every three out of five women wear glasses. And very often these woman complain that wearing glasses spoil their makeup. So, we give you few beauty and eye makeup tips that you should follow in order to look beautiful even when wearing glasses.

5 beauty tips for women who wear glasses:

Choose the right frame: Always prefer a frame that goes well with your facial shape. Try before buying so that you do not end up buying something that makes your face look big and heavy. Anti-reflective coating is safe for the skin. For example, lighter shade sunglasses are great for dark skin tone, bright colours such as white or animal print will go well with the fair skin.

Colour affects your beautiful face: You might like the yellow framed glasses but make sure it suits your face. Be it a sunglasses or spectacles, pick up a colour that goes well with your complexion. For example, black is a classic colour which can blend well with a dark, fair or wheatish complexion.

Concealer is a must: If you are wearing spectacles or sunglasses, your under eye dark circles will be clearly visible. So, do not forget to apply a concealer and hide the dark spots under your eyes. However, concealer is a temporary solution to the dark circles. Cure these dark circles for a flawless skin naturally. Concealer can also be applied on the nose to make it look well shaped and thin. If you feel odd about the shape of your nose, apply concealer on the sides of the nose and on the bridge to make it look thin.

Curl the lashes: If you are wearing sunglasses, you need not curl your eyelashes. But, if you are wearing spectacles, this beauty tip can make your eyes look beautiful. Curl your lashes to highlight them under the plain glasses.

Upper eyeshadow: Before wearing glasses, you can flaunt the shape of your gorgeous eyes by applying an eyeshadow. Apply a semi-dark shade on your upper eyelid. Avoid over-doing the eye makeup as it will make you look untidy and scary.

Women who wear glasses should keep these beauty tips in mind. What eye makeup tips you follow while wearing glasses?

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