Low-Light Makeup Tricks For Nightclubs

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Low Light Makeup
vImagine walking into broad day light with green eye shadow! Horrendous, isn't it? But the same eyeshadow shadow shade looks totally glamorous in a night club with dim lights. When light plays on makeup favourably, only then does it's purpose get served. Your party makeup will be different from day makeup which in turn will be distinct from makeup on the stage.

To get the tricks of low light makeup that is best suited for night clubs right, you need to follow some basic rules.

Rules of Low Light Makeup:

1. Drop Subtlety: Your suave colours and sophisticated gloss will not be visible under the dim light of the disc. So drop them totally. You cannot put on simple dark kohl and lip gloss and expect to be noticed in a club where loads of people are dancing under low lights. You need to stand out.

2. Go Florescent: Have you noticed that white nail polish that reflects light looks surprising brilliant when you switch off the lights. So the lesson is that you need not always use whacky shades. Even a plain translucent white can make you rock. All you have to do is understand the concept of light and makeup together.

3. Rich Shades Instead Of Dark Ones: You need to use colours that are rich hues instead of dark. Dark colours absorb the little light that is there and make you look like a ghost. Your party makeup should have ample reds, browns and blues. But avoid dark brown, ink blue or black shades.

4. Shimmer And Shine: If you are doing party makeup for a night club that has twinkling lights then you need to add a bit of shimmer to your look. It is the glitter in your makeup catches the flashing lights and highlights your features for whoever is watching. It is that finishing touch with gold dust or that line of shimmering white that makes your makeup better than everyone else.

5. Deep Eye Shadow: The eye shadow shades you choose are a determining factor in your look for the night club. Usually, your eyes attract all the attention because they shine even in the darkness. So if you accentuate them with really deep colours then it adds to the aura. Never go for light colours like peach or cream when you go clubbing. Deep green, magenta and glittering blue it should be. You can match your makeup shades as per your dress but do not stick too hard to that point.

6. Even It Out: Darkness is not always kind to patchy makeup. Even if the lights are out around you, you need to make sure that your face looks even with the makeup on. That stray beam of light will be very harsh in detecting errors.

These fashion tips are for women to get their low light makeup fundas right.

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Story first published: Monday, March 19, 2012, 17:52 [IST]
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