Kate Middleton's 'Fresh Look' Makeup Tips!

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Kate Middleton
What we love most about Kate Middleton's makeup is that, it does not seem to exist. The Duchess of Cambridge comes out like a fresh faced beauty, who does not need any makeup at thirty! However, we must remember that no beauty is flawless, especially under the keen eye of the cameras. So, the princess does use makeup to look fresh but in a minimal and natural way.

We do not know the the exact contents of Kate Middleton's makeup kit but here is an educated guess at the fresh makeup tricks she uses.

Tips To Copy Kate Middleton's Makeup:

1. The best part about Kate Middleton's makeup is that it can be applied both at day and night. She uses almost the same makeup colours for day and night makeup. The only difference is probably the shimmer she uses. She comes out looking shinnier at night.

2. Having a fresh complexion like Kate's helps. She probably hides the little flaws like blemishes or dark circles with a very light concealer. She is not pale at all so, the dark circles under eyes would not be difficult to cover up with a single coat of concealer.

3. As Kate likes the fresh makeup look, she probably uses very little foundation. This makes her look fresh and natural.

4. After the complexion is freshened up, you need to tint your face with some rosy cheeks like the Princess. Usually, Kate uses a mild red blusher. The rosy cheeks look feminine!

5. Kate has dark eyes (by British standards) and chooses to flaunt them with a light brown eye liner. She prefers this colour for day and night makeup. We rarely see the Duchess of Cambridge using any other shade.

6. What makes Kate's eyes dramatic is the good use of mascara. She uses generous amount of mascara to thicken and lengthen her eyelashes. That tells how important mascara is to highlight the shape of the eyes.

7. Kate Middleton uses prefers light glosses for her lips. She sticks to nude lip colours even at night. Nude colours look classic and natural!

Using less but the right kind of cosmetics is what we must learn from Kate Middleton's makeup.

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Story first published: Saturday, June 9, 2012, 10:52 [IST]
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