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Traditional Indian Makeup Essentials

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Indian Makeup
When we look at fashion models smiling away from huge bill boards we are probably tempted to think that makeup is a pretty recent addition to our list of urban living trends. However, that is not true. Indian makeup goes back to many centuries. This was the time when there was no concept of lip sticks and highlighters. So how did those women highlight their beauty in Indian fashion? The answer is that their makeup essentials were natural. That gives hope that you can still escape the assault of chemical cosmetics if you want to.

Here are some the things that were used to do traditional Indian makeup when modern cosmetics did not exist.

Essentials Of Indian Makeup:

1. Kohl: It is the most basic makeup essentials for Indians and all other ancients. It is made by holding a metal surface over an oil lamp and collecting the soot. Now obviously nobody expects you to do this tedious process just because you want to make your makeup traditional. All we are saying is that you can try using kohl instead of eyeliners. For large Indian eyes it really world wonders.

2. Body Paintings: Did you think that it was just some doped up rock stars who started the tradition of tattoos. Definitely not. Indian women have been drawing tattoos from centuries with kohl. The 'bindi' is the last remaining vestige of it. Till today, in the Indian fashion front an artistic bindi drawn with liquid kohl fares much better than stickers.

3. Kumkum (Vermilion): This Indian alternative of vermilion has many variations. In some cultures it is still applied in the parting of one's hair to signify that a woman is married. However as far as Indian makeup is concerned, it had another important purpose. When mixed with a little oil (palm oil or coconut oil) it is great way to colour your lips. You can try rubbing just a pinch of this red powder with your lip balm for natural red lips. The best part is that it won't be explicitly visible.

4. Chandan (Sandalwood ): Sandalwood in various forms has various functions for Indian makeup. It is a makeup essential that in the paste form can be used to make body art or a bindi (along with kumkum and kohl). In the powdered form it is the best makeup foundation you will ever get (wash it off and you will be fair too) and in the liquid form it is an empowering natural perfume. Not convinced? Try this. What is the shade difference between the copper tone eye shadow you use and dry sandalwood powder? You can rub it on with a bit of talc and see the difference. Need we say more about the utility of this natural makeup ingredient?

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Story first published: Friday, March 2, 2012, 11:36 [IST]
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