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Black Makeup For Dark & Dusky Eyes!

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Black Eye Makeup
If you have naturally dark or dusky eyes then why waste them by getting experimental. Stick to your forte with black makeup for eyes that will support it. You must always use eye makeup ideas that are to your advantage instead of the ones that are not really meant for your kind of eyes. This helps you in two ways; one it is very easy to do so you save a lot of time that you would have wasted trying a complicated makeup idea and secondly, you will rest assured that it accentuates your eyes naturally.

If your eyes are dark then you simply must stick to black makeup for your eyes on a regular basis because it is your most natural style statement. Here are are some tips to choose makeup shades to go with your dark eyes.

Black Makeup For Eyes: Tips

1. Thick Line Of Kohl:
If your eyes are black or on the darker side of things then you simply must accentuate their deep beauty by drawing a thick line of kohl on your eyes. Kohl for eyes will is the basic accessory that will give it the depth that no eye liner in the world can give.

2. Thick Mascara Lifts: If your eyes are dark like the night and lined with a thick line of kohl then it naturally acquires a lot of volume. If you do not support that volume with thick eye lashes then it will be disproportionate. So use a thick variety of mascara and brush it at least twice on your lases.

3. Dark Eye Liner: It is not a fixed rule in this type of an eye makeup idea that just because you have used kohl on your lower lash line you have to use only black line on the upper lid. You can use the various shades of black like smokey, dark brown, midnight blue, coffee brown etc. Just do not go for a navy blue or green.

4. Add Ons: When you are using black makeup for your eyes then you need to touch it up here and there so that so much of darkness on your eyes does not become too heavy and flat. For example you can draw thin white shimmering line on your lower lid to contrast with the kohl. You can also smudge the upper liner with Vaseline to light it out.

5. Eye Shadow Shades: The makeup shades you use in this eye makeup idea have to be picked with care. You cannot use rich colours or else the look will be spoiled but do not go for solid dark shades either. White or silver is a good way to highlight your brow bone. You can use flesh tones, plain shimmer or various darker shades of brown to compliment your black eyes.

Use these basic fashion tips for women to get a head start on black makeup for eyes and develop it into your natural style statement.

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