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Be An Enchantress With Arabic Makeup!

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Arab Makeup
Are you bored of looking at the same made up face in your mirror. We all like change and Arabic makeup is not a bad place to start experimenting with your look. What is an Arab woman's most special feature? Her eyes, dark as the Arabian nights; eyes that speak without words. To get a basic Arabic style in place your best bet is to get some really original eye makeup ideas. You have to understand the basic forte of this look and then you can get dramatic with your makeup.

Here is brief guide of you can get a look of the Arab woman with makeup.

Arab Makeup Decoded:

1. Darken Your Eyes: You may feel that Arab women already have dark eyes so why darken them further. The whole point of this eye makeup idea is 'bold and beautiful'. This kind of makeup is not about subtlety.

2. Kajal Or Kohl Is The Main Ingredient: No matter what other cosmetics you use on your eyes, kohl will be the dominating factor in the equation of your eyes. You have to line your eyes (both upper and lower lids) with deep black kohl. You can accentuate it with royal blue or peacock green on the lower lid.

3. Doe Eyed: You need to get doe eyed because this is a rather dramatic makeup style. Stretch the line of you kohl beyond the corners to make it appear bigger.

4. Perfect Arches: Your eyebrows need to be perfectly arched to get the traditional look of the middle eastern regions and they need to be lush black. If you have very thin or faint eyebrows then draw on them with your eye pencil to darken and thicken them.

5. Colour Me Up: A blast of colours should be the riveting part of this kind of makeup so you need to have at least 4 different, and we mean really contrasting colours on your face to be sufficiently colourful. These colours however should be acceptable makeup colours and not weird ones like lime green and florescent orange!

6. Don't Mix It Up: The beauty of Arabic makeup is that every colour you use should stand out on its own. You are not trying to blend one into the other. If you take an eye makeup idea then it is perfectly possible for you to use a base black eye pencil, a second line of royal blue on your lower lid, steel gray eyeshadow with peacock green tints in the corners!

7. Eyes And The Rest: The make focus is obviously on the eyes because the rest is simple. Your lips need to be a sumptuous pout so use a good lip liner. Stick to basic colours like red, maroon, brown etc. Cheekbones need to be highlighted but not more than the eyes. The use highlighters is more prevalent in this kind of makeup.

Use these fashion tips for women to get Arabic with your makeup.

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Story first published: Wednesday, February 1, 2012, 11:05 [IST]
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