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How To Apply This Nail Art?

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If you love to keep your nails painted all the time, then nail art must be something that you would always love to experiment with. Also, the season is supportive for trying vibrant colours. If you want to get this nail art, follow these tips.

8 simple tips to try this nail design:

Nail Art

1. If you have an existing nail shade, remove with the help of a nail paint remover. Use clean cotton balls to avoid getting stains of the nail paint.

2. Use a nail filer to clean the cuticles. Often nail polish enters inside the cuticles leaving few stains behind. So, use a filer to clean the nails.

3. Wash the hands with a soap. Gently clean the nails too. Wait for 5 minutes till the nails dry completely.

4. Take a nude pink nail polish. See that the nail polish is little glittery. Always shake the bottle before use so that the colour balls at the bottom of bottle are teased.

5. Now apply a single coat of the nude pink glittery nail polish on your nails. Apply from bottom till the end of the nails.

6. Let it dry. If your shade is very light, you can apply second coat. Let the colour dry completely.

7. Now take a dark blue nail polish. In this nail art, the blue nail colour is applied only at the tip of the nails that are protruding outside the skin. Similarly, apply the blue nail colour on the portion which is out of the skin.

8. Depending on the nail shape, you have to apply the shade. If you nails are square shaped, the blue colour will appear in the square design. Apply carefully so that the blue shade doesn't cover the pink one. The blue nail colour should give the illusion that the nail extension is only blue in colour. Let the nail polish dry completely for at least 5 minutes. Finally, stick a golden nail art deisgn on your right ring finger.

You have successfully tried this nail design. If you are in a hurry and want these nails to dry within minutes, place your fingers in front of the fan. You can also soak your fingers in cold water for 2 minutes after applying the nail polish to fix it.

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Story first published: Monday, April 23, 2012, 17:37 [IST]
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