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Tips To Prevent Kajal From Smudging!

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Prevent Kajal Smudging
Applying kajal makes the eyes look appealing and beautiful. The shape of the eyes are best defined by kajal. Every eye makeup is incomplete without kajal. But kajal smudges which looks like dark circles. Kajal smudging spoils the look and makeup therefore making you look dull and dark. Check out the tips to prevent kajal from smudging or spreading under the eyes.

Eye makeup tips to prevent kajal from smudging or spreading under the eyes:

1. Before applying kajal, always cleanse the face with a toner. This keeps the skin clean and dry. Apply under the eyes also.

2. Apply some powder under the eyes before putting kajal. Oily skin promotes the kajal from spreading so prevent its smudging around the eyes by keeping the skin clean. Use a brush or powder sponge under the eyes.

3. Always buy kajal which doesn't smudge. Long lasting kajal is a great eye makeup. Waterproof kajals doesn't smudge and stays long too!

4. While applying kajal, don't cover the tip of the eyes. The two corners if covered with kajal tends to smudge easily. To prevent the kajal fro spreading, apply a very thin line on the tips and dark in the middle.

5. Kajals after spreading appears like dark circles. It highlights the existing dark circles under the eyes. So, you can also apply eyeliner. Draw a thin line under the eyes on the skin, not entering the eyes. The space should be very less so as to create an illusion of kajal.

6. You can apply kajal and eyeliner together to prevent it from smudging. Apply kajal and then follow it up with a line of eyeliner below the kajal line. The kajal should not overlap eyeliner. This is another eye makeup tip to get smokey eyes and prevent kajal from spreading. Thick kajal lines look greats and add to the beauty of the eyes. Follow it up with a layer of powder under the eyes.

7. You can apply kajal at night before going to sleep and clean the spread one in the morning. The kajal stays and doesn't smudge also.

8. If you apply eyeliner, draw a little thick line before going to bed. It stays even after washing in the morning and looks like kajal.

Use these eye makeup tips to prevent the kajal from smudging or spreading. Always clean under the eyes with a tissue or handkerchief to have fresh and clean under eyes.

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Story first published: Thursday, October 20, 2011, 15:30 [IST]
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