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Facial Hair Makeup
The facial hair in women is very thin, gentle and close to skin than the hair growth on body. It is extremely difficult to remove facial hair as it may even damage the skin or irritate the area. Although threading, waxing and bleaching help in removing hair or make it look close to skin colour, it is best to hide facial hair through makeup as the idea is painless and can be done at home. Take a look.

Tips To Hide Facial Hair In Women

  1. To start with first cleanse face well with curd and pinch of turmeric. The combination of natural bleach turmeric with mild acid in curd will bleach the skin and bring the glow naturally.
  2. Wash face with gram flour as it removes the curd fat and turmeric colour and makes skin softer and smoother. For the hair behind the ears and neck, a paste of sandal can be applied and left as it is. The paste hides hair, cools skin and smells good.
  3. Apply a moisturizer all over the face. Prefer 'Health And Glow' ginger moisturiser as it helps in nourishing skin with mild bleaching properties. A matching skin tone concealer can be rubbed well on the area that is too hairy. A foundation and compact should complete giving an even complexion to face.
  4. The bobby brown bronzers and shimmer bricks cannot hide the facial hair but also make your face dazzle in lights. The compact is great to use as blush and to highlight the eyes. No shimmer brand is a competitor to bobby brown.
  5. Decorating face with glitter tattoos is one of the best makeup tips as it diverts the onlookers eyes towards its glittering design. Nowadays, tattoos are also a part of face makeup.

These tips to hide facial hair in women help best as they are simple makeup tips and can be done easily at home. So from now on, no threading and no bleaching, bid a good bye to these painful facial hair removal treatments and look beautiful with easy external application.

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Story first published: Monday, October 31, 2011, 15:10 [IST]
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