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The Reason You Might Be Experiencing Hairfall During Quarantine

This unusual period of quarantine has been a productive time for many. With life forced to be put on hold, we are investing time to brush up our skills. Things are not that pretty in every sphere though. Many of us are experiencing a lot of hair fall. And it is becoming worse by the day. We often blame the change in weather for any major change in our hair or skin. This time it might just be quarantine's doing. Or shall we say the lack of hair care during the quarantine?

As we stay home during the lockdown, going out and meeting people has almost come to a halt. And so we do not follow the hair care routine we used to when we had to keep up appearances. This lag in hair care is the main reason behind your quarantine hair fall. To prevent this situation from becoming worse, let us take a look at what mistakes we are making to expedite the hair fall and how to fix them.


Not Keeping Up WIth Your Hair Care Routine

We have a fixed (or rotational, whichever you prefer) for a reason. It gives our hair all the nourishment that it needs and helps to maintain their optimal health thus saving us the trouble of experiencing drastic hair issues. The quarantine has made us lazy and we bet most of us have already skipped some steps of our hair care routine. As your hair is used to that routine, any change in that can give you drastically bad results and that includes extreme hair fall.

So, to prevent the hair fall you need to buckle up and follow your regular hair care regime religiously.


Delayed Hair Wash

Like a great hair care routine, we all have devised a hair wash routine as well, intentionally or unintentionally. As we do not have to step out of our houses much or meet people, chances are you have taken liberties with your hair wash routine and pushed it to a day or two.

This is not a healthy practice for your hair. Letting your greasy hair stay unwashed for even a day can expedite the hair fall. So, whether it is every alternate day or after every 3 days, keep up with your hair wash routine if you want to stop the hair fall that is.

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Letting The Knots In Your Hair Stay

This is a hair mistake that we all have been guilty of making. That of not combing our hair. Staying at home has its own perks and one of them is that you do not have to doll up every morning. The extreme relaxing routine has its downfall as well. Not that we do not have to keep up appearances, we often do not comb the hair throughout the day, sometimes not for 2-3 days straight. The knots in the hair become bad as a result and when you finally get to untangle them you will notice a lot of hair breakage and eventual hair fall that comes as a result of tugging on your hair too much.

Another point to be noted here is that both too much or too little brushing through your hair is bad for them. Both extremes scenarios are bad for your hair.


Keeping Your Hair Open All The Time

The more you keep your hair open, the more are the chances of it getting damaged. Open hair is more vulnerable and prone to damage. Keeping the quarantine situation in mind, we bet many of you are not tying or styling your hair every day. That is a fatal mistake. In fact, quarantine is a great time to explore different hairstyles. So, do some research and master at least a few hairstyles during this lockdown while saving your hair.

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Eating Junk

What you eat has a major impact on your hair health. A good nutrition-enriched diet gives your hair all the nutrients it needs to thrive, strengthens your roots and prevent many hair woes, hair fall included. So, if you are relying on junk food such as Maggi, pasta etc. to save yourself the hassle of cooking food, be prepared for the worst. Keeping your diet in check is one of the best ways to maintain healthy hair.