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How To Push Your Hair Wash Day Further Without Damaging The Hair

How we wish we could just delay the hair wash day. But that is not possible. Or is it?

Washing hair every day or every alternate day not only is a tedious task but also damages your hair. While overwashing the hair is definitely not good for your hair, under washing the hair weakens it as well. And so, you need to strike a balance and create a hair wash routine that keeps your hair fresh and healthy.

If your hair needs to be washed in a day or two, you might want to do something about it as washing it frequently can weaken your roots and cause hair fall and hair breakage. Luckily, you can train your hair and postpone the hair wash day with some minor changes in your hair care routine.


Do Not Use Hot Water For Hair Wash

Hot water can inflict more damage to your hair than you can imagine. Too hot water can strip the moisture of your hair leaving it dry and vulnerable. Dry scalp can lead to dandruff, itchiness and ultimately hair fall. The lack of oil on the scalp results in more production of oil and thus your hair turns greasy and the need for hair wash. If you want to postpone the hair wash, use lukewarm or normal water to wash your hair.


Limit The Products You Use After Hair Wash

There is a myriad of hair products available today in the market. You do not need to use all of these, especially on the roots. The serums and sprays you apply to the hair make your hair greasy and fast. Additionally, they infuse a lot of chemicals that are harmful to your hair. They also increase the need for you to wash your hair.


Do Not Touch Your Hair Frequently

How many times during the day that we unintentionally touch our hair or run our fingers through the hair. Yes, that innocent gesture is making your hair more greasy and thus expediting your hair wash routine. Be conscious about it and do not touch your hair frequently throughout the day.


Do Not Over-Comb

Combing your hair serves two purposes- detangling the knots in your hair and spreading the natural oil on the scalp all through your hair. Over combing, however, serves only one purpose- damaging the hair. It irritates your scalp and increases the oil production in the scalp making it greasy. And so you need to wash your hair more frequently.


Use Dry Shampoo When Needed

The third day of the hair wash your hair starts to become greasy. To prevent the hair from becoming greasy, use a dry shampoo. As your hair starts to grease, spray some dry shampoo on the roots. It will delay your hair wash day to a day or two. Do not use this trick every time. Using dry shampoo constantly might weaken your hair roots.


Shower Caps To The Rescue

The day you don't need to wash the hair, taking the shower can be tricky. If not protected, the steam and tiny water droplets from the shower can make your hair wet and your scalp greasy. This means you most probably need to wash your hair the next day. A shower cap can help you with that. Whenever you are not washing your hair and taking a shower always put on a shower cap to protect your scalp.


Play With Different Hairstyles

The reason that we do not like greasy hair is that it pulls our look down. With greasy hair you tend to look washed out and not that attractive. A great tip to solve that situation is to tie your hair into some cute and eye-catchy hairstyles. Play with different hairstyles and hair accessories to hide the greasiness and enhance your look.

Story first published: Wednesday, April 29, 2020, 8:00 [IST]
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