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6 Stunning Dark Ombre Hair Colour Ideas To Go For Next

Hair highlights have given way to new hair colour craze- ombre hair. It is the latest hair colour trend and we get why. The concept behind an ombre hair colour is easy- two complementary or contrasting colours melting into each other and giving you stunning results. There are a number of colour possibilities when it comes to ombre hair colours. Which shade you should go for ultimately depends on the natural colour of your hair.

If you have dark hair and you are looking for options to colour your hair, ombre is the way to go. Not only does it easy to get on dark hair, but it also shows up the best against the dark hue of your natural tresses. So, before your next hair colour appointment, check out these 6 stunning dark ombre hair colour ideas that you are sure to tempt you to go ombre.

1. Green Roots Ombre Hair

Billie Eilish, the famous American singer, made green roots ombre hair popular and we only wish it was sooner. If you are looking for a contrasting look, what better than a neon shade! To get this look, keep the hair on your head neon green and go darker on the rest of your hair.

2. Darkest Brown To Purple Ombre Hair

If you naturally have darkest brown hair colour, you must give purple ombre a try. This ombre hair colour will look good on every skin shade. It is a fun and eye-catching hair colour that you will fall in love with each passing day. If you have middle-length hair, you can do half-and-half. From the roots, keep half of the hair your natural hair colour and colour the other half in purple shade.

3. Dark Roots With Ginger Red Ends

If you want to keep the colour away from your roots but still make a statement, go ginger red at the roots. This ombre starts subtly with a light shade of red and then goes intense to make the transition smooth. The ginger red makes this one of the ombre shades that you will rarely find.

4. Cinnamon Brown Melt On Dark Brown Hair

The ombre does not always have to be evident. If you want a seamless ombre that you can't point the start of, this cinnamon brown melted on your naturally dark hair is the way. It starts from the crown of your head and it is almost like putting highlights throughout your hair. This is best suited for those who have darkest brown hair naturally.

5. Dark Roots Leading To Platinum Blonde Hair

The best cool-toned ombre hair colour is platinum blonde. The naturally dark hair colour provides the perfect contrast for this ombre shade. The roots of the hair are kept dark with the rest of your hair coloured with silver-blonde colour. The inner portion of the hair is kept the natural shade to provide more texture and movement to your hair.

6. Caramel Brown Ombre On Dark Brown Hair

For the lightest shade of brown, the caramel shade gives the richest ombre effect. The slight contrast of the colours makes the transition seamless and is best for those of you not looking any dramatic colour change. The best part is the colours will come out beautifully when you style your hair in a ponytail or a braid.

With all these options, it is easy to amp up your look. The things that are vital in deciding your choice are your natural hair colour and the look you are intending. If you want something dramatic, go for green, blonde or purple ombre. But, if it subtle change you need, a ginger red, caramel or chocolate brown are the options to look out for. So, what are you tempted by the most?

Story first published: Tuesday, February 11, 2020, 15:22 [IST]
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