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    Easy And Quick Hairstyles You Must Surely Try For Your Next Office Party

    It is true that one goes to office primarily to work. But it is also true that work is the place where most of us are conscious of our reputation. Since it is an interaction with people who are professionally as sound as us and many of whom earn as much as we do, it is all the way more important for our image there.

    Now it is understandable that when you head to work on a daily basis, it is just not possible for you to look your best every day. There are millions of chores at home, the pressure of reaching home in time and to top it all, there is the role of spending a good amount of time on traffic.

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    In such a scenario, office parties are the only time when you are at your stylish best. At such parties, what you wear is no doubt important. However, what is equally important is the fact that you do your hair well.

    What you do with your hair is dependent on a lot of factors. The length of your hair, the volume and thickness all have a major role to play. To help you make a choice, here is a list of five hairstyles that you can try for your next office party.

    1. Knotted Ponytails

    Clean and rinse your hair, the way you would normally do with your usual shampoo and conditioner. Once your hair has dried, go for some sort of heat protection before you curl your hair. Wrap 1 inch of hair into your curling iron to make your hair look bouncy. Now, tie your hair into a ponytail.

    Do not tie your entire hair into a pony and make sure that you leave some hair untied near the underside of the pony (the portion near the nape of your neck). Once we are done with that, spray on the hair spray all over, so that all your efforts at getting this perfect look stay through the night.

    Now, you can try poking your finger through the section of the hair above the elastic band. Do this all over again till all the bottom sections are laced one on top of the other in an X-shape. As the last step just get all your hair together and tie it off with a clear elastic rubber band. Now, you are ready to flaunt the knotted ponytail look in your office party.

    2. Side-swept Fishtail Braid

    The most important point here is that while your hair is still wet, apply a wave spray and scrunch it well to give your hair a smooth texture. Unless you do this, your fishtail braid will not comb off well. Once you are done with this, get all your hair on one side of the head and then divide them to two equal parts.

    Make the first weave of your fishtail braid the way you would normally braid your hair using a small portion of the total hair. Then, grab some small portion of the hair from outside this section and cross it over to the other section of the hair.

    Hairstyle Tutorial: गर्मियों में ट्राई करें ये Fishtail Braid हेयरस्टाईल | Boldsky

    Continue the process until all your hair is tied over. In case your hair is super thick, this hairstyle may take up quite some time. Once you have perfected this act and all your hair is secure if you want to take your gorgeous level a couple of steps higher, you may want to pull off a few face frame stands from the region just below your hair. This completes your look and makes you stand out like a diva in the next office party.

    3. Twisted Updo

    Get your hair to be in three equal sections. The two sections in front need lesser amount of hair than the main section at the back. Twist the back section to a bun. Divide each of the front section into two equal parts and then twist each section in one direction and then twist in the opposite direction to create a rope braid.

    Secure your rope braids by pinning them to your bun with a clip. Apply a hair spray over the same to ensure that everything stays in place.

    4. Waterfall Braid

    This is another hairstyle, where it is important that you wash and cleanse your hair well before you start off with the actual tying of the hair. Once you are done cleaning and drying your hair, divide the same into a smart side part. Take three equal portions of your hair near your hairline and start a French braid over the same.

    You can start by crossing the cross section of the hair closest to the part over the middle piece. While doing so, make sure that you leave some area between this crossover weave and drop the remaining section of the hair through it.

    Just add more hair and continue the process until no uncared locks are left behind. Once you have ensured that all your hair is in place, make use of clips to ensure that it remains the same.

    5. Jumbo Dutch Braid

    This hairstyle is suited for people who have thick volume hair. First of all, you have to split your hair into three sections. After this, you have to braid the strand closest to your part that is just beneath the strand that is right in the middle. Once you are done with that, all that you have to do is braid the strand that is closest to your ear (and beneath the new middle strand).

    As you continue with this, you will notice you are getting beautiful inverted braids. As you continue with this, make sure that you add more hair to each outer section of your braid. Continue with the process till you reach the crown of your head. Once you are there, all you have to do is to tie it all (the braids and the unbraided hair) into a pony. To secure the same, you may want to use a hair spray over all of it.

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    Story first published: Monday, April 16, 2018, 12:00 [IST]
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