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    Sonali Bendre's New Look : Chemotherapy Hair Loss Tips

    By Amrutha
    Sonali Bendre shares video with EMOTIONAL message post cancer news | FilmiBeat

    After being diagnosed with high-grade cancer and announcing about her illness a few days ago via social media, Bollywood actress Sonali Bendre is giving us lessons on how to deal with it.

    And this time it's by posting an emotional video and pictures of her latest haircut as a part of chemotherapy on Instagram and she looks stunning in her new chic hairstyle.

    sonali bendre

    She posted a picture in her new look where she thanked her fans for sharing various cancer stories that helped in making her stronger as each day comes. Also, she mentioned her hair stylist Tomohiro Arakawa in her post where she said, "thank you for making this a chic transition from long to short".

    We are all aware of the factor that hair loss is one of the worst side effects of chemotherapy. Just like the positive way in which Sonali Bendre is dealing with it, it is important to deal with this hair loss with some simple tips.

    Today, in this article, we'll discuss some tips on how to take care of your hair during the hair loss period until your new hair grows back after pausing the chemo session.

    Be Gentle On Your Hair

    Since you are already experiencing a hair loss, it is important to stop it from further damage. For now, try to stop using highly chemical shampoos, conditioners, hair creams, etc., that have salicylic acid and alcohol. Along with that stop using any kind of heating products like straighteners, curlers, dryers, etc. Do not blow dry your hair, instead let your hair air-dry.

    Cut Your Hair Short

    Instead of leaving your long hair lose, chop off your hair short. Yes, just the way Sonali Bendre did the job. This is because short hair looks thicker and full than having long hair during this time. Another advantage of having short hair is that hair fall becomes less noticeable in short hair. So, do not hesitate to get that transition look.

    Go For A Head Covering

    And if you are one of those who prefer to cover your head with wigs or fake hair you can go for it. You can also do this job just with the help of a beautiful scarf. There are several ways in which you can wear a scarf and completely create a stylish look. Whichever is your preference, go for it.

    Take Care Of Your Remaining Hair

    Before you lose out on all your hair, it is better to take care of the remaining hair left. As mentioned earlier, go gentle on your hair and stop using products that will further damage your hair. Use a gentle brush to brush your hair and wash your hair only when it is necessary.

    Make Sure To Protect Your Scalp

    If you expose your head continuously to the sun then it is likely to cause damage to your scalp more. Along with extreme sunshine, extreme cold can also affect your scalp as it becomes more sensitive when you are undergoing chemotherapy. Make sure that you do this by covering your head as mentioned before.

    Shave Your Head During The Treatment

    Now you will enter a stage where you will experience severe hair fall than the earlier stages. So it is better to shave your head as it will not cause any further irritation. Some people might experience itchy scalp during this time and shaving your head will help you to stop it. It will also help you to save yourself from the embarrassment caused due to shedding.

    Keep in mind these simple tips to take care of your hair and finally above all this most importantly, be patient. Be patient enough for your hair to grow back. Until then follow these tips and let us know your feedback in the comment section below.

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