How To Keep Your Tresses Healthy During Summer Season

Want to keep your tresses happy and healthy all summer long? If so, then do read on, as today at Boldsky, we've zeroed in on the most useful tips for maintaining silky and smooth hair when the weather heats up.

The scorching heat, harsh sun rays and the polluted air can take a serious toll on the health and looks of your mane. From flyaways to hair fall, it is not uncommon for women to experience various unsightly hair-related problems during the summer season.

how to keep tresses healthy

However, with proper care, it is very much possible to protect your hair from the rising temperature. Just follow the below-stated tips to prevent your hair from turning into a frizzy mess.

Also, make necessary changes to your hair care routine to make sure that your tresses stay in an excellent shape during the summer season.

Take a look at these hair-saving tips here:


1. Stay Away From Blow Dryers

Forgo of the blow dryer during the summer season. As too much heat can not only damage your hair but also cause unsightly flyaways. Instead, let your hair air dry and limit the heat exposure to keep your hair healthy during the summer season.


2. Use A Hair Serum

Hair serums can give your strands a major boost of hydration. Buy a hair serum that suits your hair type and pamper your hair strands with it. This will not only prevent your tresses from getting dehydrated but also add shine to them.


3. Cover Your Hair

Either use a scarf or a hat to cover your hair. As direct exposure to the sun rays and polluted air can not only cause damage to your hair but also make them rough and hard to manage.


4. Keep Your Hair Tied

When the weather heats up, it is best to keep your locks tied up. This simple thing can make a world of difference to the state of your hair during the summer season. Not only can it ward off hair fall but also prevent your hair from getting messy and frizzy.


5. Overnight Oil Treatment

Overnight oil treatments can make a world of difference to the state of your hair. Massage warm olive oil or coconut oil to your scalp and leave it overnight. This will nourish your hair from the roots and help it brave the harsh climatic conditions during the summer season.


6. Get A Trim

The heat and humidity of summer season can take a toll on your hair and cause unappealing conditions like split ends. That is why it is wise to go for a trim to get rid of frayed ends.


7. Use Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners can safeguard your hair from the heat and humidity of summer season. This hair care product can provide moisture to your scalp and make sure that your mane stays smooth and manageable throughout the day.


8. Apply Hydrating Hair Masks

The lack of moisture in the air can take a toll on your hair's health and leave them dehydrated. To prevent that from happening, you should treat your hair with hydrating masks. Either buy a commercial one from the beauty store or just whip it at home by mixing natural ingredients like banana, egg, aloe vera gel, etc.

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    Story first published: Friday, March 2, 2018, 13:45 [IST]
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