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    Try This DIY Pumpkin Hair Mask For Soft And Smooth Hair

    By Amrutha

    Your tresses need to be taken care of regularly to protect it from the harsh damage caused by various factors like heat, pollution, etc. Dull, damaged and frizzy hair is something very difficult to manage especially when it leads to further hair problems like hair fall, dandruff, dry scalp, etc.

    Here we'll be discussing a simple homemade DIY remedy to make your hair look as luscious and healthy as before. This DIY remedy contains all natural ingredients that are easily available in your kitchen. The main ingredient of this mask is nothing but pumpkin. Pumpkin mixed with other ingredients like coconut oil and honey makes for a perfect mask to repair your dull and damaged hair.

    pumpkin hair mask

    Let us see how to make this DIY pumpkin hair mask below.


    1 ½ cup of pumpkin juice
    ¼ cup of coconut oil
    2 tbsp honey

    How To Prepare?

    1. Cut the pumpkin into small pieces and grate them to squeeze out the juice from it.
    2. Add coconut oil into the pumpkin extract. If the coconut oil is in solid form make sure that you warm it before adding it to the pumpkin extract.
    3. Finally, add raw honey into the mixture.
    4. Blend or whisk all the ingredients with the help of a blender or egg beater.
    5. You can store this mixture/mask in an airtight glass jar and use it as you wish.
    6. This will stay up to 2-3 days if stored in a cool place.

    How To Apply?

    1. Divide your hair into 4-5 sections for the ease of application.
    2. Start applying the mask section by section to wet hair. It is better to dampen the hair before you start applying since it makes the process of application easy.
    3. Start applying with the help of a hairbrush from the tips and go up to the roots.
    4. Tie your hair into a bun and cover it with a shower cap.
    5. Leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes.
    6. After 30 minutes wash it off with your normal shampoo and apply conditioner and style your hair as usual. Soft, smooth and silky hair is all yours.

    Benefits Of Pumpkin

    Pumpkin has several qualities that make it the best ingredient to enhance the beauty of hair. Pumpkin is packed with antioxidants, potassium, magnesium and other important vitamins. Vitamin C contained in pumpkin helps in repairing damaged hair caused due to the overexposure to the sun whereas B vitamins in pumpkin help in moisturising the hair thus making your hair smooth and soft.

    Pumpkin, सीताफल | Health benefits | आयुर्वेद भी मानता है सीताफल को रामबाण | Boldsky

    Benefits Of Coconut Oil

    Coconut oil is undoubtedly the best solution for most of the hair-related issues. Rich in antioxidants, coconut oil also has antifungal and antibacterial properties. It boosts hair growth and makes your hair look thick and healthy. Along with these, it also helps in retaining the moisture of the hair which will make your hair smooth and frizz free.

    Benefits Of Honey

    Honey is known to be the natural moisturiser that helps in hydrating the hair and repairing dry and damaged hair. The antioxidants in honey help in maintaining a healthy hair and scalp. Also the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of honey help in preventing dandruff and dry scalp.

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    Story first published: Friday, August 31, 2018, 13:22 [IST]
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