Common Blow Dryer Mistakes You Might Be Making

By Somya Ojha

A blow dryer is one of those hair-styling tools that most of us use on a regular basis. This grooming appliance is widely used by women of different age groups all over the world.

Often cited as a staple styling tool, a blow dryer can not only dry your hair but also make it smooth and manageable. However, like other hair-styling tools, a hair dryer can also wreak havoc on the health and appearance of your hair if it is not used in a proper way.

Hair care experts have found that making certain blow-dryer mistakes can damage your hair and lead to problems like breakage and thinning of hair.

In case you're wondering what those mistakes are, then we've got you covered. As today at Boldsky, we've zeroed in on seven blow-dryer mistakes that can cause an irreversible damage to your mane.

To get best blow-drying results, it is imperative that you break free from the following habits. So, read on to know more about them.


1. Your Hair Is Too Wet

Hair care experts all over the world urge women to air dry their hair strands prior to bringing a hair dryer in the picture. In fact, it is said that your hair should already be 80% dry before you blow dry it. This will lead to reduced heat exposure and keep hair loss at bay.


2. You Skipped On Using A Heat Protectant

This is another common blow-dryer mistake that a majority of women are guilty of making. Skipping on heat protection before blow drying your hair can cause an irreversible damage to your scalp and locks. To prevent damage, it is essential to use a hair protective product that suits your hair type.


3. You Blow Dry In The Wrong Direction

Blow drying hair in the wrong direction is another mistake that most women make. As a result, their hair becomes frizzy and appears rough. To ensure maximum smoothness, you should blow dry the ends of your hair in a downward direction. To dry your roots, try to blow dry in a direction that is opposite of which your mane usually falls.


4. You Use The Wrong Temperature Section

All the hair dryers come with 3 different temperature settings namely, cool, low and high. Women with thin hair should use the low setting. On the other hand, the ones with thick hair strands should use high-temperature setting, as not doing so can result in a high level of heat exposure, thereby causing damage to the hair follicles.


5. You Don’t Section Your Hair

One more common mistake that most women make while blow drying their hair is that they do not section it. Not doing so, can cause hair fly-aways and make your mane appear rough and unmanageable. Divide your hair into sections and blow dry them one after the other for maximum smoothness.


6. You Don’t Use A Brush

It is considered to be a good practice to brush your locks as you blow dry. It may be a bit time consuming; however, it will help you achieve smooth and manageable locks. So, stop making this blow-dryer mistake to prevent your locks from turning into a frizzy mess.


7. Not Applying A Serum After Blow Drying

Lastly, not applying a serum after blow drying the hair is another common mistake that most women end up making. This often leads to unsightly fly-aways that can make your mane appear rough and unmanageable.

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