You'd Want To Use Almond Oil For Hair Once You Know Of These Benefits

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Almond oil is one of the most nourishing oils you would ever find to use on your hair. Almond oil has amazing health benefits and benefits for the hair as well.

Almond oil is extracted from raw almonds and is available in two different varieties. There is one called bitter almond oil and then there is sweet almond oil. Sweet almond oil is the type that can be ingested as well, but bitter cannot be.

Ingesting sweet almond oil is really beneficial, especially for the skin and even for digestion. The amount of nutrients it has, makes it really good for skin and hair care.

It is rich in nutrients like monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamins like vitamin E, which is known to be really good for the hair and skin.

One of the most amazing things that almond oil can do is that it acts as a natural moisturiser for the skin, keeping the skin hydrated for long and even reducing the signs of ageing.

However, in this post, we've focused more on the benefits of almond oil for hair. So, keep reading to find out about all the benefits that almond oil has on your hair and how to use it.


1. To Treat Dandruff:

Almond oil helps get rid of the dead skin cells. Massage your scalp with almond oil to help get rid of all the dead cells on your scalp and to thoroughly cleanse it. Get rid of those pesky flakes now, with almond oil!


2. Faster Hair Growth:

It is a good source of magnesium and helps ensure that there is lesser hair fall. Almonds are used in a lot of products that aim at increasing hair growth.


3. For Shiny Hair:

Almond oil can easily replace shine treatments and leave-in serums. After you wash your hair, apply a few drops of almond oil throughout the length of your hair when it is still wet and say hello to your silky, shiny mane.


4. To Repair Damaged Hair:

Massage your scalp and apply almond oil all over your hair at least twice a week to reverse the signs of scalp and hair damage. This works really well if your hair has been heat damaged.


5. To Curb Split Ends:

Some people have a never-ending problem of split ends. No matter how much you cut your hair, split ends seem to keep coming back. For this, mix equal parts of olive oil with almond oil and use this on the length of your hair, focusing specifically on the ends.


6. To Treat Rough Hair:

If you have hair that is really rough, almond oil may just be your answer. Enriched with vitamin E, this oil softens the hair if you use it regularly and this is one of the best known benefits of almond oil for hair.

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