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Trending Haircuts To Suit Your Hair Type

By Shabana

Have you ever been to a salon unsure of what kind of a haircut will suit you?

There are a variety of textures to Indian hair. We see curly, wavy, short, long, limp, voluminous, etc. If you want to manage unruly hair, the trick is to get the right kind of haircut that is best suited for your hair type.

A well-cut hair will be easy to style and also eliminate frizz. This way, you will not need a lot of products in order to make your hair behave.

it will definitely save you some serious amount of time, energy and money.

Here are a few types of haircuts that are suitable for your hair type.


1) Long Thick Hair:

The perfect haircut for this hair type will be a blunt cut with a few layers in the bottom. Straight lines will keep the volume to your hair and also eliminate the frizz. You can add a few bangs if you prefer. Remember to never cut your hair short or you may end up looking like you are wearing a wig.


2) Medium Coarse Hair:

If you experience more bad-hair days than good, you may want to cut it short. Hair falling just below the shoulder will be suitable for this hair type. It will be easy to style and manage. A graduated bob will help you look sleek and add volume too. Perfect win-win.

Remember to never cut it too short or it will be difficult to manage. A few inches just below the shoulders will keep it tamed.


3) Thin Hair:

The trick with thin hair is to make it look voluminous. Opt for a haircut that will give you layers. Whatever length you are opting for, you must include layers to it. When styling your hair, never go for a sleek hairdo. Adding a few curls or just flipping the ends with a curling tong will give immediate volume to your hair.


4) Curly Hair:

Dealing with tight curls can be difficult. The best way to cut them is in layers in a triangle shape, tapered at the ends. It will take some of the excess volume off the bottom and make the hair look more manageable. You can choose the length according to your preference, but it shouldn't be too short or long. Bangs may not come out the way they are intended to look in this hair type.


5) Wavy Hair:

Long layer is the key to the best cut wavy hair. Opt for layers that will frame your face. Layers to this hair will reduce the volume in the edges to give it a tapered look, which will be easier to manage. You can add bangs to the hairstyle. Do not opt for extremely short cuts in this hair type, as you want to avoid your hair springing up all the time. The weight of the hair will keep it down and grounded.

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Story first published: Thursday, August 10, 2017, 11:10 [IST]