Hair Extensions: Pros And Cons

By Jaiwantika Dutta Dhupkar

Hair extensions are a great way to get the hair you've always dreamt of. After all, don't you want hair like the model you saw on T.V.? People spend their entire lifetimes hankering after fabulous hair not realizing that it may not even be possible for most.

Nevertheless, hair extensions are always there to save the day, and what's more - they even give you several options and allow you to change the colour as often as you like. To know more on the pros and cons of using hair extensions, continue reading.

what are the pros and cons of hair extensions

If you've always dreamt of great texture and fantastic length or have lusted after the hair colour of your dreams, then hair extensions might well be for you. They can last for anything between a day to a year, and the cost varies widely as well.

There are hair extensions you could clip on in the privacy of your home, and then there are those you might need to go to a salon for. Hair technology introduces new variants in hair extensions every day, and there's always something new and amazing to delight the consumer.

Hair extensions have several things going for them, but they also have some that don't, so let's investigate. First with the Pros.

Pros Of Using Hair Extensions:

Hair extensions are amazing and much loved because they're very versatile. Unlike your own hair, which can get monotonous after a while, hair extensions allow you to experiment with colour, texture and length on a regular basis. They give us an amazing range to choose from, and there are hair extensions for nearly every need!

Low Maintenance:

Hair extensions often require far less maintenance than your own hair. You don't have to spend a bomb on hair products on them, worry about nourishing their roots or even shampoo them regularly! It is a fact that most people rarely wash their hair extensions. Considering that hair extensions are so low maintenance, they do help you look stunning despite it all.

More Styling Options :

With hair extensions in place, you certainly have more styling options than you did without. Whether you decide to leave your hair loose or style it elaborately, hair extensions definitely help out. They add volume and texture to your style, and you look a million times better because of them. This is one of the best pros of using hair extensions.

Suitable For Most Hair Types:

There are several kinds of hair extensions, and most are suitable for all kinds of hair. So no matter what kind of hair extension you choose, you'll always find one that suits you, whether your hair is super-fine or super-wiry. It's good to know that big, fabulous hair is a dream everyone can achieve now, thanks to hair extensions.

Now The Cons:

Bad For Your Roots:
Hair extensions are wound tightly around your hair, and they often tend to pull at the root. Some ‘permanent' varieties of hair extensions that last up to a year can constantly tug at your hair roots for twelve months! Not surprisingly, a lot of people who wear hair extensions often experience bald patches.

Fungal Infections:

Most people with hair extensions take it easy when it comes to washing their hair. So, their scalps get dirty and greasy, leading to fungal infections and bacterial buildup. It's not uncommon to see someone with gorgeous extensions itching away because their scalp's on fire!

Dry Hair And Split Ends:

Hair extensions don't take very kindly to oiling and when you get extensions, your real hair suffers. It gets dry and brittle, and some folks even get split ends from the lack of attention their hair receives.


Wearing hair extensions can be quite painful, so your hair can't move about freely and there's always a constant weight attached to it. Your roots hurt, and even after you take out the extensions, the pain might persist for more than a year. Some people find it painful to massage their scalps even after they've taken out their extensions because of root sensitivity.

Not Really Permanent:

For all the trouble you take with permanent hair extensions, they don't really last more than a year. It seems much safer to opt for a clip-on version, even if there's always the danger of the clip coming loose. Your hair will certainly thank you for it.

Unreasonable Pricing:

Hair extensions, if done by a trained salon professional, can be really costly in financial terms. The downside of course is the price your hair and scalp pay for the extensions, which nobody really acknowledges. Anyway, hair extensions can be both pricey and risky, and it's a good idea to enquire with your local salon first, before settling down in that low-backed chair for them.

There's nothing like being an informed consumer, so if you really, really crave for having those hair extensions, please go out there and get them, despite it all. After all, who can judge a hair-extension craving?

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