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Hair Combing Mistakes That Could Damage Your Scalp

Posted By: Dona

Hair is an asset for anyone, irrespectivve of being a man or woman. Hairfall or frizzy hair does not just make you look bad but also throws you into a depression mode due to lack of confidence.

Needless to say, we all love our hair and we try different methods to beautify it. As a result of pollution and chemical exposure, we tend to lose the hair gloss and texture. To resolve this, we do not leave any natural or medical method untried to keep our hair healthy.

After so many efforts to save our hair and trying to make it look good, we fail to do it completely. Our hair continues to fall and this sometimes increases.

mistakes we do while combing

Apart from chemical or environmental causes, hair damage is often caused due to illnesses or hormonal changes. This is unavoidable, but measures can be taken to resist the hair from falling in excess.

You already know about the various methods which can protect the hair from getting damaged but little do you know about the basic mishandling of hair that you are already doing. Yes, you are damaging your own hair due to a tiny error of not knowing how to comb it in the right way.

Combing is the basic thing we do to maintain our hair, but we all do mishaps while combing hair in the wrong way. We are here to discuss about the basic wrong methods of combing that we apply to the hair, which can highly damage your scalp.


Direction Of Combing

Not all know about the direction of combing. We generally comb from the roots to the strands, but it is the wrong way to do it, as this method weakens the roots. Combing should always be done from the strands to the roots, slowly by detangling at each step.


Never Comb After Applying Hair Products

We apply hair pastes, masks, creams and other hair products before or after a shower and there are many who try to fix the tangles by combing their hair while putting on the products. Stop it right away if you are one of them, as this method easily harms your hair.

The only way to detangle while having hair products applied is by running your fingers through them.


DO NOT Comb After A Hair Wash

Hair washes leave the hair all tangled and people having longer hair do face this problem a lot. There are solutions but combing on wet hair is not one of them for sure. Hair roots are weak when they are wet and hair is more vulnerable to breakage. Let your hair dry and then comb it from the strands to the roots.

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AVOID Back Combing

We have always been told sicne childhood that combing the hair backwards enables hair growth, which leads to greater volume and texture. This is not a myth at all but what is left unsaid is the fact that excessive amount of back combing can equally damage the hair, resulting in more hairfall.

Try back combing to a limited amount of time and do not make a habit.

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Story first published: Monday, September 4, 2017, 15:00 [IST]
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