Braid Hairstyles For Long Hair To Try With A Tutorial Guide

Braid, is an old-school hairstyle that has been existing all over the planet for generations now. Though today the trend of braiding is diminishing, as women are opting for shorter hair, yet those with long hair still agree that braiding makes their hair comfortable to manage and also protects it for long hours.

So, if you also own long hair yet do not opt for braiding as it is very common and traditional, then here is your saviour.

braid hairstyles for long hair

In this article, we have listed eight kinds of braid styles with tutorial images that you can do for any occasion.

Ethnic, party or formal - these braids, if done neatly and accessorized with clips and clutches, can bless you with a fashionista look every day.

Before you start braiding, ensure you have the right cosmetics, combs, clips, and mirror in front of you, so that you don't go wrong. So, take a look at the braid hairstyles for long hair.

Two-in-one Braid

As the name says, here you can see two braids connected into one ponytail. This two-in-one braid starts from the sides of your face, besides the ears and meets at the center back of your head. At the center back of your hair, the two braids are tied together using a rubber band.

Tip: You can use pearls on the front side of the braid to highlight it.

Semi-Curved Braid With Open Hair

This braid hairstyle is for those who have really long and luscious hair and they are confident in keeping it open. From the open hair, take a strand of hair from either left or right corner and do the braid. The extra effort needs to be laid to ensure that the shape of the braid is semi-curved (as shown in the picture). Do not miss to fix your braid at the end with a rubber band.

Tip: In case of rush hours, if you find it tough to make the curved braid, even a straight one above your open hair adds a twist.

The Curved Bracket Braid

Very easy to do, this braid hairstyle for long hair has been existing for ages now. In this, you require a little more of bobby pins to fix the braids by the end. Even children can go for the bracket braid style, especially to the school. Begin the bracket braid with two simple braids on the sides and set them (as shown in the picture) on the sides exactly like brackets.

Tip: While arranging the braids in a bracket form, ensure they are neat and do not tangle with each other.

Side Swept Pinched Braid

Well, this is a simple braid hairstyle for long hair that you can do either side of your hair and pinch it to look fluffy and fat. In the side swept pinched braid, you start from almost the forehead and end the braid wherever you want. Though in the picture the braid is until the end of the hair, for extra styling, the braid can end midway as well.

Tip: In the side swept pinched braid styling, spend an extra minute to figure out which side you will want to do the braid, so that the parting suits your face.

Braid-Pony Fusion Hairdo

Well, in this one along with the braid, you can do a ponytail. The best part is - to do this fusion hairstyle, you really don't need long hair. Even those with short hair can opt for this hairstyle, where on the head it starts with a tight braid and beneath, it ends in a ponytail.

Tip: While doing this fusion hairstyle, do use tiny bobby pins or clutches to fix the stray hair on the forehead side.

The Braided Hair Bun

By the name, it may sound like doing a braid and fixing it into a bun. However, in real, the fun is how you do the braid. As the image shows, begin with a ponytail, prepare a central braid with one strand of hair; and then, wrap it into a bun. You can also play to decide where you will place the bun - top center, center back, low back and so on.

Tip: Before tying the braid and open hair into the bun, do not forget to pinch your braid from the sides, as that adds extra volume to your hair.

The Climber Braid

Exactly as the name says, here your braid is like a climber tree completely dependent on a ponytail to support it. The to-do list for this climber braid hairstyle is simple - begin with the pony, do a side braid with one strand of hair and fix the ponytail and braid together. The way the braid is attached to the pony can sure give you a glam look, yet this is where you can go experimental if you have any other ideas in mind.

Tips: Do put strong hairbands at the beginning of your ponytail and end of the braid.

Triple Thin Braid Style With Open Hair

As shown in the picture, this braid style is to add to your boring open hair. Though here we show only three hair braids, you can increase the number depending on the volume of your hair and the patience you own.

Tip: Do not over accessorize this braid style as done here, the number of braids you do makes all the difference.

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    Story first published: Tuesday, July 11, 2017, 11:34 [IST]
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