Benefits Of Curry Leaves For Hair Care

By: Rima Chowdhury

In the run of getting fabulous and strong hair, we finally realise that it is not actually easy to have long and shiny hair. In spite of having lots of hair care products in the market, each one of us tends to struggle with hair care issues throughout the year. That's why we'd recommend you use natural home ingredients for hair care, and our pick for the day is definitely Curry leaves. Listed here are the benefits of using curry leaves for the hair.

While some deal with an irritated scalp, others deal with dandruff problems or thinning of hair. Hair loss and unhealthy hair condition are two main problems that most people suffer from. Curry leaves is that magical ingredient which can treat such issues from the root.

Curry leaves are rich in antioxidants, beta-carotene, amino acids, proteins, etc., that help get rid of the dead hair follicles and thereby promote thick hair growth.
So, read on to know more such benefits of using curry leaves for hair.


1. Helps To Prevent Premature Greying Of Hair

Curry leaves are one of the best ingredients that can help prevent premature greying of hair. Premature greying of hair is generally caused by an imbalance of diet, alcohol consumption or genetic problems. Due to Vitamin B in curry leaves, it helps to restore the nourishment and colour in your hair. Using curry leaves on the hair can help to strengthen the roots and give a better shine to the hair.


2. Boosts Hair Growth

Using curry leaves on a regular basis can help to boost hair growth and also strengthen the roots. All you need to do is take some curry leaves and dry them under sunlight. Crush them to make a powder and add it to a tablespoon of yogurt. Apply the paste on the roots of the hair and also make sure you apply it on the ends of the hair.


3. Helps To Reduce Hair Fall

Hair fall is a problem to many and hence you must take proper initiative to take care of your tresses. You should mix 2-3 curry leaves and add few drops of milk. Make a thick paste and apply it on the roots. Wait for some time and if needed, wear a shower cap.


4. Prevents Hair Thinning

Around 70 percent of the women are currently dealing with hair thinning problems because there are several factors that affect hair growth. Being rich in antioxidants, curry leaves helps to strengthen the hair follicles and boosts hair growth. Crush some curry leaves and mix it with sandalwood powder. Now, add some curd and apply it on your scalp. Curry leaves contains a high amount of beta-carotene, which is an essential protein that prevents hair loss, while the proteins stop hair thinning.


5. Prevents Dandruff

Due to a lot of antioxidants in curry leaves, it helps to eradicate the dead scalp follicular buildup, which is the primary cause for dandruff. Apart from antioxidants, curry leaves are also rich in amino acids that help to lock in the moisture content on the scalp.


6. Works Best As A Hair Tonic

Curry leaves also work as a good hair tonic because they help to keep your scalp moisturised and nourished. Take some handful of curry leaves and boil them along with 2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil. Let it boil for some time and apply it once cool. Due to Vitamin B6 found in curry leaves, these leaves help strengthen the hair roots and shafts while curbing hair loss.


7. Repairs Damaged Roots

Due to pollution and various other chemical treatments that are done on the hair, the roots of the hair get damaged and dry. However, due to essential nutrients found in curry leaves, it helps to repair damaged roots. Crush some curry leaves and mix it with a carrier oil of your choice and massage thoroughly. This will help to repair the damaged roots on the scalp.

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Story first published: Monday, January 9, 2017, 15:00 [IST]
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