Air Dry Versus Hair Dryer – Which One Is Your Pick?

When it comes to drying your hair after a hair wash or shampoo session at home, then you have two choices - air dry or using a hair dryer.

To pick among the two, the foremost determining factor is a personal choice.
Yet whichever you pick among these to dry your hair, it must be backed with logical reasons. Using either of the two - air dry or hair dryer - comes with a set of pros and cons.

air dry versus hair dryer

It's on you to pick one among these, so that your hair is treated the best everytime you wash it.
Please note, after every hair wash with or without a shampoo, your hair is most brittle and soft. Hence, you have to make the right pick between going in for air drying or using a hair dryer, in order to provide your hair with the best of nourishment, right after the hair wash.

Here are the pros and cons of each of the methods. Take a look and the final choice is on you.

Air Drying The Hair

Air dry implies naturally letting your hair to dry. You make no efforts other than removing the extra water off of your hair with a towel. Even this simple doing has pros and cons, which are as listed below:

Cons Of Air Drying Your Hair

Air Drying The Hair Is Time Consuming
Since you will take no extra effort to dry your hair, you have to spend a lot of time being patient to dry your hair. To clear the hair tangles that come along with air drying, you have to reserve extra time. To sum up, air drying the hair is very time consuming.

Air Drying The Hair Is Weather Dependent
The time required to air dry your hair on a sultry summer afternoon is much less than that required on a heavy downpour day. It is, therefore, said that air drying the hair is weather dependent. You really can't look at the weather forecast and then schedule your hair wash, right? So, once done with the hair wash, you are all dependent on mother nature to dry your hair faster.

Lack Of Styling Scope
At the end of a successful air dry, how your hair will ultimately look is unpredictable. It may end up looking messy with a lot of tangles. It may be straight with no fuss or tangles. So, if you have an immediate hair styling plan after the air dry process, then that may or might not happen. You have to wait till the end of air drying process, and then plan your hair styling, depending on the shape and size your hair takes.

Pros Of Air Drying Your Hair

Locks Extra Moisture In The Hair
Air drying lets the natural moisture of the hair to stay in place. This keeps the hair from roots to tip well hydrated. In case of a hair dryer, the artificial heat draws the extra air, making the hair rough in texture. No such problem exists with air drying, as it leaves scope for the hair to hold on to its natural moisture content.

Low Cost
Basically, there is no cost that you have to pay to air dry your hair. After the hair wash, just let your hair be and you do your own work. Depending on the length and volume of your hair, it will take its own time to dry down completely.

No Damage To The Hair
As air drying the hair is a natural process, there are basically no associated side effects. This is one of the healthy ways to dry your hair. Though at the end of the process your hair might become little unmanageable, you can always go for the next day hair styling approach.

Using A Hair Dryer

When you use an electronically or battery operated hair dryer to dry your hair after a wash session, then here are the related pros and cons:

Cons Of Using A Hair Dryer

Hair Dryer Leads To Damaged Hair
As extra heat is levied all over the hair to pump the extra moisture out, thus, a hair dryer makes the hair very dry and damaged. Massive damage happens when the heat penetrates into the hair roots, making it brittle and increasing the scope of hair fall. So, those who suffer from hair problems and use a hair dryer, now you very well know what to blame.

Making A Selection Of Hair Dryer
Buying a hair dryer is not an easy task, considering the variety of brands and offers that are available. It's not about the price. You should buy a hair dryer according to your personal choice. While frequent travellers should buy portable hair dryers, those with long hair should buy a hair dryer with extra facilities. Whether you buy the dryer online or at a store, making the right choice is quite a challenge.

Hair Dryer Is Costly
Very opposite to natural hair drying, a hair dryer is costly. Also, after a while of use, your hair dryer might break, when you have to get a new one. If the hair dryer gives up amidst use, you have to shell out money in repairing it. Altogether, keeping your hair pampered with a hair drying session involves shelling a lot of money.

Pros Of Using A Hair Dryer

Increased Scope Of Hair Styling
The foremost benefit of using a hair dryer is, by the end, your hair is half set the way you wish to set it. In fact, professional hair dryers come with the option of a straightener and hair curler. So, basically when you use a hair dryer on your hair, half of your hairdo is already done.

Hair Dryer Works Faster
Hair dryer definitely works faster. Considering the fast lives we lead, there's no way we can spend hours on the terrace (like our grannies did) to dry our hair. Hair dryer aces the process and also makes hair wash an easy task in our lives. The number of times of hair wash goes up with a hair dryer and goes down when you depend on naturally drying your hair.

Hair Dryer Adds Volume To The Hair
Hair dryers can add volume to your existing state of hair. Not all dryers can do that, as this also depends on the hair texture and the technique of using the hair dryer. If you use the hair dryer in the right way on your hair, it will surely add bounce and volume.

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