Why You Should Never Use Coffee To Dye Your Hair

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Coffee is a lot more than just an early morning or anytime-during-the-day pick me up. It can be used in scrubs and even for your hair. However, here are some reasons on why you should never use coffee on your hair.

Coffee can be used to enhance the taste in cakes and ice creams and, of course, who can forget how well it picks you up from your grumpy, cranky selves in the morning? And who can resist that amazing smell, right?

Coffee has been used for many things of late and in the past. It is excessively good if used in the from of a scrub. The caffeine in it helps with many things like reducing cellulite, under-eye puffiness and, of course, it helps to firm up the skin as well.

In fact, coffee is one of our favourite ingredients to use in a scrub. It is effective, not too expensive and does the work fast when compared to other ingredients used in a scrub.

But, here's why coffee is bad for your hair, even though it may seem like a good idea at first.
Have a look at why you should not use coffee on hair.

1. Weighs Down Your Hair: Using coffee on your hair can weigh your hair down and make it look limp and in turn, dull and lifeless.

why coffee is bad for hair

2. Makes It Sticky: Coffee has a sticky texture and that may even stay after you wash your hair. Imagine your hair being gunky and sticky even after it has been washed thoroughly. Would you want that?

why coffee is bad for hair

3. Makes Hair Dull When Used As A Dye: You may be trying to dye your hair and think that the shade will turn out to be a really nice, rich shade of brown, but it would only make it a very dull colour and that is why coffee is bad for hair.

why coffee is bad for hair

4. Difficult To Remove: It is really difficult to remove coffee from the hair, and would take a lot of time, so unless you have a lot of time to spare and a lot of patience, you should not go for this to dye your hair at all.

why coffee is bad for hair

5. Grey Hair: Coffee in general increases the levels of cortisol, which is the stress hormone. This may cause early greying of hair, and it wouldn't even work as a dye to cover up the grey hair.
why coffee is bad for hair

6. Hair Loss: The same hormone, cortisol, can even lead to excessive hair loss when used a couple of times and that is why it is bad to use coffee for the hair.

why coffee is bad for hair
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Story first published: Friday, November 11, 2016, 16:00 [IST]
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