Why You Should Go For A Hair Gloss Now

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Yes you've heard of lip gloss and glossy skin being in, but did you know that hair gloss is an actual thing?

Hair gloss is a fairly new thing that people are discovering of late. It is the secret to shiny, glossy locks. So, have you tried this out? And if not, then why should you try it out?

Taking care of our tresses has become quite a task, especially if you have long hair. These days, nobody really has the time to give to their hair. And hair care seems to be demanding a lot of time and attention, especially with things like pollution and sun damage getting in the way of proper hair care.

Things like these demand that you give your hair a little bit of pampering every now and then. That's when hair gloss treatments step in. You can get this in the salon or even do it yourself, although if you are doing it for the first time, then ideally you should visit the parlor for it.

Here is everything you need to know about hair gloss.


1. What Is Hair Gloss?

Hair gloss is a clear or tinted treatment you get on your hair to add gloss to it. This may be coloured or clear just to add gloss. The ones that have colour in them, enhance the natural shade of your hair, while adding gloss.


2. Why Use A Hair Gloss?

Damaged hair often starts to look really dull and this shows through, even in pictures. To add a shine to your hair almost instantly, get a hair gloss treatment done.


3. How Long Does It Last?

One treatment should last you around 2-4 weeks at the most, after which you may need to get it done again.


4. How Often Should Can You Get It Done?

You can get this done as many times as you like, as it isn't really harmful for the hair.


5. How Does It Work?

It is transparent or semi-transparent in nature and works by closing the hair at the cuticles, creating a smooth surface that helps bounce off shine when the light hits it.

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